Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nearing 1000

One of our most beloved and longest-time readers asked me today how to go back and read the original posts. I explained the archive along the right-side column to him. Then, out of nostalgic curiosity, I went back and began to read the older posts myself. Did you know that I currently have nearly 900 posts? Or that I will likely pass the 1,000 mark by the end of the year??

What we lack in quality, we certainly make up in quantity.

As I dipped back through time, it was interesting to see just how the Lounge, its style and its readership have developed. In case you have never read the very first post, from some quiet drunken pre-masturbatory August evening in 2005, here is the link:

Of course, no one commented at first, and when they did, it was someone I didn't know. Some one calling herself Tits McGee commented on my batman fan-fic erotica post. Everything went downhill from there.

I was also reminded of my initial fear of picture posting technology. It seemed complicated and easily-fuck-upable. So I waited until THIS POST before ever posting one. Now, of course, I can't keep from slapping pictures of asses, tits, panties and old men swinging from their wieners every other day.

Jesus, I even had trouble using titles. Titles, for godssake!! It wasn't until my first major Martha Stewart obsession revelation that I even ever gave a post a name.

And of course, we cannot overlook the all-time number one, most-googled, most-read, highest-hit post of them all:

And then, really just for your reading enjoyment, here are some blasts from the past.

(hope you didn't intend to be productive today... )


  1. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Who would have suggested such a thing? Now if you could only get some of your loyal readers back and their witty comments too it might just be less painful...

    Most things run thier course in 2-3 years though. We need some new blood.

  2. Most things run thier course in 2-3 years though. We need some new blood.

    Exactly why marriage should be renewable every couple of years....

  3. The Legend of Daisy forever will be my favorite post.

    I just spent the last hour getting paid to re-read blogs I've already read. Very productive Friday morning....

  4. This is like one of those "best of" recap shows, isn't it?

    Like the Love Boat - Marge and Lisa are your celebrity guests.

    That makes you Captain Stubing.

    ... and yes... the legend of Daisy... honestly, inspired work.

  5. Well of course I'm a celebrity Mitch, I WAS quoted in the Oregonian...

  6. and I should be a celebrity cos Im a Welsh girl and an American gay man...

  7. Well, here I am "new blood" as you call it. I am new to the whole blog thing, and would like to congratulate you Mr. Gin & Tonic on Nearing 1000 posts. I will be sure to comment more in the future.

    Hi Marge! You know who I am. :)

  8. Double D's, just so you know the rules of "The Lounge." No personal conversations. We get in trouble for that. E-mail me for those, but you can say hi. And good for you, finally getting into the blog'll have fun.

    And yes, boys, she's got the Double D's, if not more....

  9. white dog5:23 PM

    Wellcome Double D!! Can I just nibble nibble?

  10. Where have some of your commenters gone? Are they cheating on you with other younger firmer blogs???

  11. BTW - I viewed your old blog on Never been to India - and it reminded me - I bought Rey the Lagaan DVD for christmas and we went to view it a few weeks ago only to discover that I bought a PAL version!!! I still haven't seen it. I'm sending the copy to Lisa.

  12. Ok seriuosly....just checked my email and there was a comment left by 'anonymous' on this post a day or two ago....viagra and cialus information....who'd of thunk on this blog?


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