Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thursday Reminder

We now have 5 or 6 submissions. I am aware of several more. One of which was in my top-three hopefuls. And while I am expecting submissions from everyone, Tom and Dave are still high on the priority list. Really, only because they have been drawing versions of me for the past 22 years.

Someone pointed out to me today that they are not very good at drawing and their submission might suck.

Well, that's the fucking point. It can be good, but it does not need to be. Jesus Christ, you don't even need to know what I actually look like. Just let go and let the inner artist find its muse.

Actually, Carl, Mitch, Familytrain and Dr B. are pretty high on the expectation list as well. Let's go guys. Mitch, you have yet to submit anything!


  1. I did some sketches, but they all ended up looking like festering scab encrusted pox-scared cocks.

    I might spend more time on this, but there are some economies in Eastern Europe that I am cornering, I am doing the paper on the purchase of Bolivia, and my latest clients have me negotiating a trade agreement with a race of aliens from a distant planet. Much of the UCC and what Runkel taught us breaks down when you are dealing with an atemporal race.

  2. Oosje7:37 AM

    Inog...what a lame excuse. All that other stuff will still be there for you to solve when your cartoon is finished. I think a Festering Scan Encrusted Pox Scared Cock sounds perfect.

  3. Anonymous7:46 AM

    I find this fascinating...I have been told that kids can draw up to the age of about 7-8. They draw freely and love the results. They can actually see what they have drawn as being exactly what they wanted, even though adults find the drawings unrecognizable.

    After that kids, including ourselves at that age, enter a different reality and all of a sudden they don't like what they draw. it doesn't look "real" to them.

    Now here's the interesting part...That is when most of us stop drawing! Ask an adult to draw and they draw like a 7 year old. And, because they don't like it, or it isn't "good enough" they quit.

    So. Enter the cartoon contest! NO One cares what it looks like, except, maybe, Mr Gin and Tonic, and he'll laugh no matter what. Only your ego is keeping you from drawing.

  4. Have you seen my ego? Scares the hell out of even me.

  5. I've taken Double D's idea, my girlie drew a picture of Mr. G&T for me. She said the picture had to include Mr. G&T's daughter as they sometimes have playdates. I hope you all enjoy girlie's pic, she was actually quite accurate....

    And I agree with Oosje, good lord ingo, draw a picture...the rest of you too. I can't wait to see what Oosje does, she strikes me as quite a fiesty gal....

  6. I second that! Given that Oosje probably has a different perspective on Mr G&T than the rest of us, I'd love to see what she comes up with :)

  7. Oosje2:44 PM

    Marge...that is a cop out. Draw the picture yourself.

  8. Honestly Oosje, she did a much better job than I would've done and I didn't think there were "rules" to the submissions and you'll get to see a rendition of the girl. My girlie just loves her.

  9. Well, I did mine myself so there...

  10. Well hooray for you Double D!

  11. OK, enough with the private conversations. Dont make me turn the comment moderation back on...

  12. auntie bsu3:53 PM

    Awh hell....I hired an art-ist' to do my rendition but after the spirited bitching I figured I'd proudly show off my 7 year old skills. I'm no pussy like some lounger's are.

  13. Would someone please warn me next time there is a submition due - i keep finding out too late!

  14. the point10:57 PM

    ...or, you could just read the Lounge like everyone else.


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