Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So I saw this evening that it is supposed to snow here in Oregon, at the higher elevations, tomorrow.


On June 11, just 10 days from the Summer Solstice, it is going to snow. The east coast is having a record-breaking heat wave. The Midwest is flooding. California is talking drought and water rationing.

But here? No, it's going to snow. We haven't seen the sun yet this spring, and now it's going to snow.

Snow. Great.


  1. Umm...this from the man who I understand hates heat?

    This is honestly nothing. I've seen snow in Oregon 4th of July.

    Admittedly this is ridiculous, we need some sunshine. We're all pasty white Oregonians!

  2. When it gets too much just do what I do: Go some place warm and exotic for a week.

  3. You guys are pasty white. I blame the snow on Global warming. Thanks Al Gore for your infinite wisdom.

  4. Oosje8:41 AM

    The snowy state is in the same fix. The temperature hit 70 for a few days in early May and then right back down to the 40's. Snow in our forcast too! Who wants to wear ear muffs and gloves in June!
    I fuckin' tired of it!

    Is Inog paying for us to go to this exotic place??

  5. I completely agree Oosje. I want sandals and tank tops. Hell 75 degrees would seem hot at this point.

  6. Hey Marge,

    I went in the pool Monday and got sun burned...After I ate my In-n-out. Yeah, I'm an asshole.

  7. Hey Dr. B now you're just being a fucker.

    I'm wearing leather boots it's so cold today.

    A pool? What's that? Maybe in August.

  8. Marge, if it makes you feel better, we're currently in the throes of "June gloom" with overcast skies here on the coast.

    And I had In 'n' Out for lunch yesterday-- it is obvious they are cutting back their budget, because it was the worst burger I'd ever eaten. The patty was shrunken and dry, and they REALLY skimped on the sauce. The tomato ban didn't help, either. McDonald's 89-cent hamburger would've been juicier.

  9. Hmmm... its sunny and nice here in Santa Monica - There's an In-N-Out down the street, though, there are some spots by the beach that might have nicer views.

    I did hit a Dodger game last week - it was really warm out. Thank heavens they have cold beer to tide you over...

    Oh, sorry - were you talking about snow. That looks so pretty on the TV....

  10. Well August is miserable here so you got me there. However, August 31 I will be at the Pepsi 500 at Fontana speedway drunk off my ass and hoping to see #18 explode into flames.

    good times!!!

  11. other nascar fan10:19 AM

    yee haw!

    I'll bring an extra goat so we can both fuck one behind the coors lite display!

  12. You're going to love Fontana Dr. B. I'm not a huge Nascar fan and I can honestly say I had tons of fun, drinking cheap beer out of plastic bottles and smokin' pot in the stands....

    And, since the topic is supposed to be snow, it's not like it's going to snow to the valley floor, just the Cascades, but it's still colder than necessary in the valley.


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