Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Maybe I Want a Wii After All

I still need to check in with my subconscious, which seems iMac-obsessed, but I think I might actually want a Wii...


  1. To derail from the obvious focus of this entry... I never really understood Wii's latest advertising campaign with its emphasis on exercise.

    Wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy the hoola hoop? Or do the stretches and pushups on your floor? Or-- gasp! buy a pair of sneakers and go outside for a walk? Next thing you know they'll be supplying machines to blow air at you that smells like the fresh outdoors.

  2. Steve Jobs2:15 PM

    Well, technically, we're working on a new iPhone that will blow something else...

    just sayin...

  3. Steve, this new i-phone..

    it does have a vibrate mode yes?

  4. Wii is a blast. Your whole family can enjoy it, even the little girl and yes, you get tons of exercise, but honestly for a gaming station it's fun.

  5. Um. I don't think you want a Wii at all. I think maybe you want your wife to want a Wii. Or a hot and experimental au pair. I don't think you would be caught dead shaking your ass, even in the privacy of your own home...

  6. I have a mac and a Wii

  7. Where do you find this shit?

  8. I love my macbook, it's dead sexy. And Wii is fanfuckingtastic. I want to get a dance pad and do dance dance revolution on Wii. Guitar Hero is wicked too.

    Ooh, and hi from Europe. I had grilled whole baby octopus in Lisbon. It was a mindfuck...but tasty.


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