Monday, June 23, 2008

Cartoonish Tomfoolery

Like you, I never really watched "The Family Guy."

No one did, it seems. Yet they kept bringing it back, over and over and over.

Sure they cancel shows like Serenity, Carnivale, and Battlestar Galactica. TV for smart people...

But Family Guy? No, they can't seem to let it die. Interestingly, though, there is an animated character on that show who simply seems a little too familiar. Sure, he's a dog, but his name is Brian. Here, here is Brian's character description from the show's official web site:

There would be so much to do and to talk about with Brian. He likes politics, music, pop culture, fetch... and while he is a bit of an intellectual, he isn't above kicking back with a few martinis and dressing up like the Peanut Butter Jelly Time banana for a few laughs. He's not without his flaws: He blamed his urination control problems on a baby and hits on his best friend's wife, but like the rest of us, Brian's only hu... er, dog.

OK, so he' s a dog, but still, C'mon! He even looks a little like me.

This of course leads me to my point. Break out your pencils and drawing paper, it is HIGH TIME for another submission event. I've been having fun with these things, and I think you have too. In fact, from the enthusiasm displayed in the high school photo event, you seem to like it a lot.

This one will take a little bit of work and creativity, but I think you are up to the challenge. If anything, it's a good opportunity to avoid being productive at work.

So here it is: I want you to submit your best (or worst) hand drawing (sketch, cartoon, etc...) of me. It does not have to be good, or even accurate. In fact, bad AND inaccurate would be even better. I particularly want to see submissions from folks who don't actually know what I look like and/or who have absolutely no artistic talent at all.

You can do it digitally, with your paint program, or the like. You can draw it and scan it. You can draw it and take a digital photo of it. It can be an earnest attempt at capturing my image, or it can be just moronic jackassery. Your choice. You won't hurt my feelings...

As always, the submissions will be anonymous. Please send your submission to

This is going to take a little time. So, I'll give you until the end of Thursday, and I'll post on Friday. Also, as always, I can update throughout Friday with late entries. So, get them in!

I can't wait.


  1. stick figures ok?

  2. That is exactly what I was going to ask. Maybe I'll post one of my 3 yr. olds drawings. I think they maybe better than mine. LOL

  3. I'd prefer that the submissions to this contest were NOT anotomically correct...

  4. That would make it more interesting.

  5. I think we should also submit pics of double d. That would make things a lot more interesting.

  6. Thanks B.S. You're probably correct.

  7. Since I've drawn you through all my high school years and used a computer to do so for the past two... does it still count?

  8. Dave, you can draw me any way you want, but previous publications don't let you off the hook.

  9. Are you gonna draw some self-portraits and participate, too?


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