Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Bit About Strippers, Meat Doughnuts and Birthdays

I suppose I should provide you with at least some details...

Item #1: As you, my drunken ramblers, well know, Portland is world famous for having more strip clubs per capita than, really, maybe any city in the world, with the possible exception of Bangkok, and I am proud to say that I have been to nearly all of them. Of course, they come and go, changing hands, and changing names. So, it is with some apprehension that I try out a new club when it arrives on the scene.

And when I do, as many of you know, I look for certain things. First, seedy or swanky, I want the club to be comfortable. I want it to be a club where I would drink, even if there were no dancers on the stage.

As for the talent, I want it to be compelling. Pretty helps, but a wicked grin is better. A sense of humor and self confidence are far more important than big fake sweaty boobs...

Lastly, there must be that certain sense of being made to feel welcome. There is nothing worse than asking a bitchy bartender for singles...

Well, after Saturday night, I am happy to report that Casa Diablo, the world's first all-vegan strip club, met all of those expectations. Thanks to Mr. Diablo, his devilish dancers and sinful staff for keeping our entire party in drinks and well-entertained. The dancers were hot, the drinks were cold, and all of my friends, including the ladies in our group, were made to feel at home...

Casa Diablo is a singularly stand-out must-visit club, and if you find yourself in Portland, be sure to stop in for a drink or three. Oh, and, also be sure to check out the spacious smoking deck. I see a number of summer cigars there in my future....

Item #2: It is entirely possible that the sweet and savory meat doughnut (Chicken Bastilla) may be the most significant contribution that Morocco has ever made to the world. Well, that and the rosewater hand wash. I think I may order one of my office assistants to start washing my hands in rose water each morning.

Hmmm... then she can fetch me a meat doughnut.

Item #3: Last, but not least, I have it on good authority that today is regular-reader Marge's birthday. Happy birthday to Marge! You'll be happy to know that I actually watched an hour of NASCAR on Sunday, and I even tried to pay attention...


  1. Yes, today's the big day. Thanks for the birthday wishes Mr. G&T.

    And you'll be happy to know I watched and heard absolutely no NASCAR yesterday. Hooray for me!

  2. Sounds like quite a time!

  3. Thanks to all who made my stay in Portland very fun. Honorable mention goes to Ann, Fred, Brooke, Avery, the belt, and Josh. Thanks, Buddy.

  4. Oh yeah...Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. G&T who let me crash and invade their lives. Loved the house, kids are cute and the dog was affectionate. Only thing that sucked was the weather.

  5. Mrs. G&T4:10 PM

    It cleared up and was beautiful as soon as you left...

  6. Mrs. G&T4:10 PM

    And Happy Birthday Marge!

  7. Thanks Mrs. G&T.

    Sorry I missed Saturday night with ya, would've been fun I'm sure.

  8. the belt5:25 PM

    You're welcome. I did all I could for you.

  9. Supervisor Esteban6:58 PM

    Come on give us some good dirt you pussys.

  10. Avery7:15 PM

    Well, Mr. Esteban, that BS guy has a very small weiner.

  11. meat doughnut8:09 PM

    Eat me.

  12. The G&T Dog1:08 AM

    Please hurry back, Dr. B. I'll miss our special time together!


  13. dora doll7:39 AM

    Dr. B had a great time in bed with me.

  14. OK, that will be enough. Shut the hell up esteban. What happens in Portland...

  15. Supervisor Esteban is jealous

  16. Anonymous6:14 PM

    No, Supervisor Esteban just showed up too late to enjoy the weekend.


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