Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ile De France

France is a place to which I've never been.

Likely, someday, I'll get there, but only after I've been to Ireland, Scotland, India, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Thailand. Maybe China. Possibly even Egypt.

But sure, I'll get there. I'm sure it's a nice place, Paris being one of the major urban centers of the world, and one of the most populated in Europe. France is divided, like counties in the US, into administrative districts.

Paris, therefore, and most of its surrounding metropolitan region, resides in the ancient historical province of the Ile De France, literally: "The Island of France," which is, of course land-locked and not an island at all.

I'm sure Ile De France is a lovely region. Exciting! Rich in cultural and historical lore. If only there were someone who could tell us about their homeland. Perhaps a regular reader who never-if-ever comments, who might live in the Ile De France region, who visits the Lounge on a regular basis, who might be willing to tell us just a little something.




(Don't worry domestic lurkers, I'm coming for you next. Don't think you can just hide up there in Kirkland, Washington...)


  1. other7:13 AM

    So if someone told you to get on a plane bound for Paris, you would refuse because you have not been to the other places higher on the list?

    I'd love to hear from this Lounge lurker. Favorite places to dine around Paris? Must sees that are not in any guide book? Ah, Paris ... only a few weeks away!

  2. lounge lurker8:23 AM

    I have some of my comments routed through France just to throw you off my trail. Isn't the internet fun?

  3. Wherever you go, be sure to dine on snails :-9

    I went there with a tour group, and sat at a table with a family from Michigan. The squeamish girls ordered salad while their uncle braved the escargot. He pointed out, quite rightly: "You can get salad in Detroit!"

  4. Been to Paris a few times now. It is nice enough. I am thinking summer of 2010 I should rent an apartment in France for about 6 months. Maybe Germany instead. Maybe Belgium. Somewhere in the area.

    Anyway, move this kids over for the summer and let them live there for three months and then keep the place for friends to use and maybe a follow up visit. Maybe tag it for Spring Break through the end of summer.

    Anyway, 2010. You are welcome to visit and bring the brood.

    2009 is China.

  5. encule saligaud6:27 PM

    I am make for you the recommend of stay at home! Le Euro is cost you very very much to come here! We have, also, very much black people, like you America, and they do very very much crime. You can go maybe to Quebec, to maybe Montreal for a nice time and the kids, they like it more. The food in France, it is not good like you have. The water is...smell. You big guy, you stay en America and you save the money for the big motorcycle, okay?


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