Thursday, June 05, 2008

When I Root I Root for the Timbers!


  1. awwww, Americans pretending to be British - how sweet

  2. ya, we don't deny it.

    Sunderland AFC came to play an exhibition a couple of years ago. The draw was enormous for our little pitch. Sunderland was support almost as strongly as the Timbers, and the match ended in a draw...

  3. Oooooh, Sunderland...

  4. ya ya, it wasn't Manchester, but we had a good time.

    I think I drank lot's of beer.

  5. which is the main thing

    I shouldn't say anything really - Newport County are shit

  6. and you dont like Nascar? whatever

  7. I knew it. You are a sports fan.

    You pretended you didn't really want to watch the Super Bowl with all of us and I bet you were watching out of the corner of your eye, deceiving us all....

  8. I like to watch the Nude Midget Porn Olympics in the Philippines. Beer is involved.

    They have a similar sports league in Vietnam, but they don’t use midgets. Of course most of the Vietnamese are so tiny that it is about the same scale.

    Lots of wagering in either country.

    That and traditional cock fighting. I love a good cock fight.

  9. Who doesn't?


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