Sunday, June 15, 2008

Big Time

Oh yes, my loyal Drunken Ramblers, the Lounge has finally come in to its own. We have gotten our due. We are runnin with the big dogs.

This blog, and your humble bar tender, were actually quoted and cited by the Oregonian.

You can review the awesome splendor by CLICKING HERE. (Even Marge gets a nod...)

I suppose, though, now that I'm a member of the mainstream media, I probably shouldn't post anymore photos of old men swinging from the rafters by their penises...

It's the Big Time!


  1. The 'big time' yes, the Oregonian, but that doesn't mean you need to change the lounge from what it is. We love seeing men swinging by their penises....

  2. I'm stunned!
    Then again - I still have the front page of another local newspaper, from my first night in Oregon: "Monster Truck Flips, Kills One."

    But - a hearty congratulations to the Lounge for making it to the big time. I'll expect to see Mr. G&T on CNN next to Tucker Carlson very soon.

  3. Oh God

    We're never going to hear the end of your new found fame....

  4. I always thought you would end up in another part of the paper first.

  5. Let's not get too excited was only the Oregonian.

    What's freaky though is does that guy read the blog all the time? I can only imagine what he thinks of us all!

  6. Maybe we can get press coverage at the next stripperpalooza? No, that would be bad.

  7. Newspapers. How quaint.

  8. Clem from gresham7:13 PM

    y'all a bunch of Kansas City faggots

  9. Sounds like Clem from Gresham is an asshole....just sayin'

  10. kansas city7:40 PM

    Clem's the faggot.

  11. the faggot8:30 PM

    Clem sounds hot! Maybe he'll let me drain my sweaty ball sack down his throat...


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