Sunday, June 01, 2008

Get Thee to a Scanner

We have received a total of TWO submissions so far. Three, if you count me.

I realize that photos taken before 2000 were probably film prints. Therefore, they will have to be scanned. If you don't have a scanner, take your picture to Kinko's or Costco, and email me the resulting file.

I'd like to have them by Monday night.

I'm expecting to see some pretty bad hair...


  1. Bad Hair? Hey, I'll take what I can get at this point. I'm still waiting to see what funny shots you come up with. Hopefully none with a tennis racket cover on my head.

  2. Kinko's charges and arm and a leg just for scanning a photo or two. Not to mention the trip there, the wait, etc...

    Another, quicker alternative would be to just take a digital photo OF the paper photo itself!

  3. Or you could just have it done at work. That's what I'm doing today. The service center is getting a great laugh at my 15 year old photo....

  4. I have a fancy scanner, I just don't have a photo

    I'm looking forward to laughing at everyone else - especially Dr B

  5. Poor Lisa can't play? Come on, you've got to have some photo....

  6. There is one of me running in the 10th grade and I think I weighed maybe 110 pounds.

    Brian, you have all of the old highschool pictures. I am expecting you to find a few good ones of me. (or bad ones)

  7. So High School is 14 to 18 I'm told

    What the hell is 10th grade?

  8. 10th grade is 14 or 15 years old. The photo I submitted is from my sophomore year, or 10th grade. High school is grades 9 to 12 for us.

    You people in Wales are all confused.... :)

  9. Like you Americans arent confused...

  10. whoa...I don't have any photos from that era. I'd be amused to see what you've got in the archives.

    maybe I'd be horrified to see what you've got in the archives. hmmm...

  11. We have a few good ones of familytrain involving a trash bag and even a few of Dr. B with a tennis racket cover on his head. Fun!! I'll try to scan our pictures tonight.

  12. Family train:

    I've burned the videos from the era to DVD. Let me know if you'd like a set...


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