Monday, June 02, 2008

School Days ***Second Update***

Well, thanks to the brave souls who participated in this one! Fewer than the panty post, but more than it could have been...

For those regular readers, commenters and lurkers who didn't contribute, I am disappointed in you and you should feel a sickening sense of shame for your failure...

Note: If any of you still want to get a late submission in to me, I can update this thing throughout the day.

Mitch, I'm waiting.

Dave, I warned you... (Dave is in New York and will be excused...)

And yes, as the submissions were light, I went heavy with personal favorites...

Special thanks to Mrs Tom for her contributions!

***First Update***

The photos just keep coming! Havene't gotten yours in yet?? No worries, there's still time. No scanner? No worries, take a digital photo of your favortite print.

Multiple submissions are allowed, as long as you've got something good (bad).


***Just a couple more late additions***


  1. I swear I'm not gay. I know, I know... every picture and video looks like I am.

    What happened to the picture of me running?

    Great pictures of family train.

  2. Wow. I recognize Brian and Marge. That's it. Oh, and I hope he didn't REALLY swallow that frog!

  3. Mr. Helly8:45 AM

    He's not swallowing the frog, he's pulling it out of his throat!

  4. I see Brian, Dr Brian, Helly, Marge, Mr and Mrs Tom, Fred, Mrs G&T. Mystery guy with the boys must be family train. So that just leaves me with one mystery girl

  5. Well, I think I see any way, I could be off on some...

  6. the frog8:51 AM

    I taste like a chicken nugget

  7. So, Dr. B did you eat the frog, or did you puss out?

  8. I've eaten frog..

    well frogs' legs - and they were cooked in garlic

  9. I'd like to try frog legs someday. I've had snails and they were delicious :-9

  10. I did not eat the frog. However, I have consumed many bugs and goldfish on bets and dares. It really used to look gross with moth wings in my braces. No wonder I couldn't get a date in high school.

    Most of those pictures were taken at my parents house in West Covina.

  11. To help the readers, you should post the names of those pictured. Not in order, just a list to match up...

  12. that would be too easy...

  13. Well, you've already named and shamed the ones that haven't....

  14. Interesting that you get fewer photos when it specifies CLOTHED, than you did when it wasn't...
    Just finding the level of the crowd here in the Lounge.

  15. Crap! I was out busy getting engaged this weekend and miss the deadline! I have already pulled the best pictures I have - but hey - where is the Hasselhoff pic? I swear I gave that to Tom.....Mrs. T - can you ask Tom if he has it? I'll be a busy scanning away tomorrow if it's not too late.

  16. Sounds like congrats are in order Ev....


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