Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Optimistic Moon

The moon is almost full. Bright. Rippled with gauzy clouds, sailing on an unseen breeze. It finally smells like spring, just in time for Summer.

The air smells like sunshine, at least according to the girl. And she is right. It is midnight, and the air still smells like sunshine.

I can't shake the article that I saw yesterday. Fathers Day. A police officer shot a man by the side of the road yesterday after the man had just killed his own son in a very bad way. I don't feel like repeating the facts.

The police officer, and other do-gooders, weren't able to get close enough in time. I suspect the police man didn't have to shoot the fucker, since the boy was already dead. I think he simply did what he thought should be done.

Apparently, the man thought the boy had demons, or somesuch.

Ah, Religion...

Anyway, I'm having trouble shaking it.

But the moon is bright, and almost full. It should be round by Wednesday. In the house behind me, my kids are tucked away, safe, asleep.

The breeze is cool, and tomorrow, the sun will shine and the sky should be blue. For now, though, I'll be happy with the moon.


  1. Here in Wales on Fathers day a man gassed himself and his 2 kids, 7 and 3 in his car.

    No religion, just a fucked up "if I can't have them neither can you" attitude

    Defies belief

  2. Lucky Red8:48 AM

    For all the terrible stories we hear, there are so many more Fathers who are tucking in their children and watching over them as they sleep.
    I watch BBC news- they were reporting Father's day across the globe. Standing in the pouring rain in NY, the reporter was rambling about the strange weather in the states, when he should have spoken to the father behind him. In the background was an older man, a boy and a girl, sitting out under the awning, eating dinner and laughing, all having a great time. The two young adults sat clear of the rain, under the awning. The older man, held a large black umbrella over his shoulder to keep the rain from coming in on him.
    Once again, the media cannot see the beauty around them, because they are forced to only report the rain, the anger and fear.
    But some Fathers, protect their children, at any age, from anything they can... even a rain shower.

  3. I can't imagine how anyone can hurt children, let alone their own. It awes me evertime I look at my own kids and I just don't get it.

    Frankly though the police officer did the right thing. That man who killed his son likley would've gotten off on some insanity plea and we tax payers would have paid for him to live the rest of his life.

    Even had he gotten the death penalty, he would have appeals and it would be years and years before he actually hit the death chamber and died a nice relaxing death with medication. Eye for an eye I say. Fucking bastard. His own son.

  4. That ain't religion. That's serious mental illness. This weekend I read about a mother who, with her live-in girlfriend, tortured her little boy. It's everywhere, it seems :-(

    Like Marge, I cannot begin to fathom how anyone can harm living creatures, especially innocent and helpless ones like animals and little kids. It's a fucked up world. I wish I could go grab my little man right now and give him a big squeeze!

  5. And that my friends is why you can't watch the news. Most everything going on with society is only made worse by bringing attention to it. All this doom and gloom about gas prices and the housing slow down causes more fear and panic. There are even some serious distortions about the war.
    The news can be very persuasive and opinionated. So watch at your own risk with your filters on.

    Down here its all about gay marriage right now. Brian, you can finally make your love and devotion to Tom official. That is until we make it illegal in November.

  6. the liberal media10:51 AM

    McCain is the devil, the war is pointless and 5 thousand soldiers die each day, tax the wealthy business owners because they are greedy bastards, oil drilling will only kill the spiders, Mexicans need our health care, Obama will cure cancer.

  7. Fox News11:03 AM

    Greed is good.

    Clean air is worthless.

    The global oil supply is endless.

    Intelligent planning for the future is pointless.

    Short term fixes solve EVERYTHING!

    Homosexuals are not people.

    Mexicans are not people.

    The french are not people.

    Arabs are not people.

    War is fun.

    Hate is fun.

    "The Constitution" is just some fancy term made up my elitist liberals to give blackies and homos more entitlements.

    Jesus Christ, though jewish, intended the white race to rule the world.

    China is where Chow mein comes from.

    We don't understand inflation, so fuck it.

    Poverty is a natural way of life for some people.

    Supremem Court justices should "strictly:" interpret the Constitution, until they actual do and discover that the constitution prohibits the state from denying marriage rights to same sex couples.

  8. Bill O'Reilly11:14 AM

    I couldn't have said it better myself.

  9. You forgot to say that the government should be in charge of every aspect of our lives becuase we as a people should not be in charge of our own decisions.

    We have a new program called happiness. Just give the state all of your money and they will instruct you how to spend it.

  10. Sean Hannity11:24 AM

    I fuck goats.

  11. consistency police11:26 AM


    The governemt shouldn't tax us.


    But they SHOULD tell us who we can marry and what color our skin has to be to see a doctor?

  12. the goat11:26 AM

    Sean Hannity is a gentle lover

  13. Obama will cure the cancer in the trees too.

  14. I love being forced by the state to treat ILLEGAL aliens. That's exacly why I went to med school.
    It doesn't make the hospital over crowded or unsafe for everyone.

  15. the dickster11:37 AM

    I shoot people. I am really happy that Obama is being compared to JFK. Hope he picks a good VP. hehehe

  16. hippocrates11:38 AM

    I guess I should re-write the oath to limit it only to white people...

  17. Anonymous11:43 AM

    That will teach you to turn off comment moderation.

  18. Like he can't just turn it right back off? Better be careful there "Anonymous." You'll ruin everyone's fun again.

  19. one term senator11:51 AM

    I get lots of money...for the rest of my life! Oh yeah and great health care too.

  20. Christ - can't we just talk about the pretty moon?

  21. pretty moon2:57 PM

    I look even better after some bud and a G.I. doll in the butt.

  22. Might I add, whomever is spreading these false perceptions about Fair and Balanced FoxNews should be ashamed of themselves for such slanders. It's a fine, FINE program.

  23. Comment Moderation?? Are you insane?? This is what the comments section SHOULD look like...


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