Monday, January 16, 2006

Carcinoma Cattle Call

Nudists, naturists, sun worshipers... God bless them all!

These hairless monkeys have taken the next step in human evolution, casting off the shackles of shame.

The naturist community is a utopia of sorts, stressing a lifestyle of physical fitness and social cooperation. Everything they do, they do as a group.

I'm not exactly clear what the fascination is with water though;

Or net-oriented sports. With all of the racquet swinging, it just seems hazardous...

And always, they bask in the dignity of sportsmanship and the pride that comes from a game well-played. Well played without pants, but well played nonetheless...

Watch the spike!

They are also apparently obsessed with lawn care. Who knew?? (There was a joke in there about keeping the bush trimmed, but I'm just to tired to put it together... Feel free to make up your own jokes.)


  1. So the family reunion was a success?

  2. Ok, that was a very rude awakening on a Monday morning. If yer gonna do nekid so early, do Ms. Ricci. Sheesh. I need more coffeee.

  3. Naked men with lawnmowers. It's a realm of pornography hereto unseen.

  4. Although I have often been voted "most likely to drop pants in public," I've never been to a nudist/naturist event...

  5. They call it "Burning Man."

  6. I'm afraid...very afraid.


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