Saturday, January 14, 2006

Strippers and Booze and Blood, Oh My!

All lawyers would rather be one of two things: author or teacher. I think my wife has dreams of teaching. I, myself, would rather get published.

Unfortunately, between billable hours, babies, blogging, and general domestic obligations, I have no time to write a book. As it is, I struggle to pump out three dazzling paragraphs per night here, let alone my two feeder-blogs at and I have no idea how I will keep up with the two-person Battlestar blog proposed by one anonymous reader, and the three-person blog in the works with Tom and Dave.

Write a book? Right...

Well, somehow, my pal, Dave, has managed to write songs with his band, maintain two blogs and a personal website, Manage an overseas team of computer geeks, (OH!) and write a goddamn book.

Well, he's finished the book, and is publishing it under a creative commons license on myspace. So far, we've read about strippers, booze, and a suspicious blood stain; and we're only on chapter two! (as of this posting) You should check it out. You'll need a Myspace account to access it, but hell, everyone has one of those...

Click on the Wingman logo to read the book!


  1. I had a hard time deciding between law school and getting a masters in teaching. And my "someday" dream is to write a may be on to something here......

    Now, bring on the strippers and booze!

  2. ...and might I add, Dave's girlfriend is hot. Quite the accomplishment, considering how remarkably small his penis is.

  3. How could you possibly know how small Dave's penis is? Oh wait, I see. Sorry for asking.

  4. I've always found Dave's penis hot, while his girlfriend is rather small..

  5. It's like motion lotion, Tom - it heats up when you blow on it.


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