Friday, January 13, 2006


My Serenity DVD arrived from Amazon today.

Has yours?


  1. I loved Serenity and saw it twice in the theatre. My favorite was the Operative - the guy was absolutley brilliant!

  2. No kidding. It will will never happen, but we dream of a time when SciFi resurrects Firefly and adds it to teh Friday night line up with BSG

  3. I'm surprised you waited this long for your DVD!

  4. dirty pants9:13 PM

    I poopy.

  5. sorry I'm not a sci-fi nerd.


  6. Brian, just give me a list of what you want. I am back in Asia next week. If I had known, I would have picked up the BSG Season I & II DVD combo set last month. I think it was 35 yuan (8 = 1 USD).

    Serenity and Firefly on DVD was only 25 yuan. But I think it was only 5 DVD's. BSG was like 10 DVD's or something.

    Some people say it is stealing to buy the Chinese bootlegs, but when you see that the entire works of Sylvester Stalone in a bundle pack of 20 DVDs for 40 yuan, you know that justice is served.

    Who is above the law now?

  7. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Regional coding on those DVD's, carl?

  8. Most are uncoded. Some do not work in my main DVD player and I have to play them though my laptop DVD player.


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