Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Once again Biker duty calls.

Later this week, I'll pack every pair of jeans and every black shirt that I own. We have a couple of things to talk about this time around. A couple of cases to present.

I'll be addressing the crowd. Stating the case. Looking 500 black-leather-clad bikers in the eye, trying desperately not to look like the out-of-place jackass poser that I am...

And then, there is the town.

California's capitol.

I drive through a few times per year, going to, or coming from, Los Angeles. Frequently flying past, as fast as I can, to get to the first In-n-Out in Stockton. However, I have stopped on occasion, just to look around. I've driven around. Seen the sights. I've even seen the Jerry Brown portrait at the capitol building.

So, now what? What is there to do in Sacramento?

There are politicians and lawyers, so there has to be a strip club.

Sutter's mill?

Wine tasting?

Jesus, I'll not even be that far from San Francisco.

I'll probably just go see a movie again, drink and wait for the feds to come harass our boys.

Anyone have any good entertainment tips for California's Capitol city?


  1. Take I80 west then 37 north to route 29. If you like wine, you will be in heaven. Eat at either Mustards or Rutherford Grill. Pick me up a bottle of Silver Oak while you are at it.

    You can also stop by Vacaville to see my cousin.

  2. When I travel I like to... No wait, you will be in Sacramento. Nevermind.

  3. Actually - I have to say - Both Mustards and Rutherford Grill are exceptionally good. Julia's Kitchen is good.

    If you're homesick for the Pacific Northwest, they have a number of decent brewpubs that have recently gone in. I think there's the "Brew It Up Brewpub and Grill." Also, there's the Capital Garage.

    Oh, who are we kidding? You're either getting the room service menu with your in room Spectravision, or the "buffet" served at the local strip joint!

  4. someone who knows4:27 PM

    Take food with you to the airport. It is not a place for a diabetic to get stuck without a snack.


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