Monday, October 06, 2008

Dr. B Would Like to Take a Break

OK, fair enough.

We're almost done with the auction. Just a few more things to go!

In the mean time, we'll take the following break from the festivities!


  1. Hey, the lounge ladies would like some kilt too...

  2. I told you to not post pics of Marge and I!

  3. Thanks!! The school girl is one of my fav halloween costumes...

    Future lounge contest perhaps?

  4. Is that what we did Saturday night Diva? Your party was better than I remember...though most of it's a blur anyhow!

    And hey, pass on some eye candy for the ladies already....

  5. School girl divas on a ping pong table? Thats totally unrealistic. When the show devolves into the divas on the table shooting ping pong balls at the crowd, I'm sure the ping pong table will collapse.

  6. Who mentioned a ping pong table?

  7. Does anyone have a picture of Dr. Brian in his favorite Halloween costume? That might bring in some bucks on the auction . . .


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