Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Drink Recipe

So, um, Familytrain forwarded a new drink recipe to me today.

Well, actually, it's a link to a new drink recipe

So, here at the Lounge, we discuss all manner of varied and splendid topics. I have virtually wallpapered the Lounge with pictures of Dita's ass. The Lounge ladies have submitted many interesting photos of themselves and their underwear. We especially celebrate strippers and the First amendment!

However, I'm not sure I should post the drink recipe. Mostly because many of you read this worthless rag from work.

"But, Mr. Gin and Tonic, how could a simple drink recipe be NSFW??" You may be asking yourself. Good question. Please allow me to remind you that the drink recipe link came from FAMILYTRAIN.

OK, so, I'll just post the link, and I'll let you take your own chances...

Click HERE for the drink recipe.


  1. Have you ever tried Mount Gay Rum?

    It is good.

  2. Lucky Red8:32 AM

    It does say below the receipe to post any corrections if you think it's incorrect...i have a few thoughts... none of which are postable...


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