Thursday, October 02, 2008

Obama Auction: Animated Filth!!

The final Auction tonight is ridiculously prurient animated smut, all the way from the friendly shores of Japan.

Thanks to Inog, our world-roving rambler, the next item on the block is a Japanese Hentai-style DVD titled: "Angel Blade, Volume 9"

I'm certain Dr. B knows what Hentai is. So does Tom, Mitch and Dave. For the rest of you, we're talking about over-stylized cartoon porn, or dirty anime...

Think: "Caligula meets Hello Kitty."

This one is sealed in its plastic wrapper, but a quick Google video search (safe search turned off) for "Hentai," will give you the right idea.

Thanks to Inog!

This auction will end Saturday night at 11:59 pm (PST).

Bid on bad Japanese cartoon pornography and send Obama to the White House!


  1. It has a parental advisory... so you know it is good.

  2. I bid $10 bucks. I'm getting my Christmas shopping done early.

  3. $10 !!!! Damn! I think it cost me $0.60 on the street in Manila. Screw law. There is better money in grey-market bootleg porn.

  4. Obama thanks you for your kind support!

    Do I hear $11?

  5. OMG. My first Gin & Tonic post in months is on your porn anime auction. I think Inog and I watched this video in a Puerto Vallarta bar. The cartoon was in Japanese but dubbed in Spanish. Inog tried to translate but I think he was making it up. His version was better.

  6. Hey, Ryan is back!

    In case you can't figure it out, we are in the middle of an Obama fund raiser! There will be stuff posted every night for the next week, or so. All $$ goes to the Obama campaign.

    Bid early! Bid often! Check out the other items on the block!

    Current high bid for this item is $10, from Evelyn...

  7. Sorry Ryan, really really sorry you had to come back to this...

  8. I am disappointed that there is nothing about the debate. Like her or hate her, she is smoking hot and you've got to love that Fargo accent.

    Oh you betcha!!

  9. Debate: Palin delivered her speach well. Her words were without substance. She could not answer a single direct question.

    Biden landed a heavy blow against Cheney right between the eyes, finally saying what needed to be said.

    Now, place your bids! We need to send Palin back to Wassilla, and send Obama to the white House.

  10. Woohoo - I'm still winning!

  11. Shit, OK $11.00! Only becasue I know someone that likes that kinky stuff. This ones for you Doc!

  12. That's what I'm talking about folks! Hurray for Diva the birthday girl! $11 for dirty cartoon porn!

    Mitch, where are you? You should be bidding!

    Mrs. Tom? Christmas is just around the corner. Wouldn't you husband like this??

    C'mon, one more day to bid on this one!

  13. $12!

    I need this one to finally fill out my collection! Porn comic books are my secret obsession!

  14. $15 - Merry Christmas Honey

  15. We have a winner!!

    The auction closed last night at midnight, and Mrs. Tom is the high bidder!

    Lucky for Mr.Tom! Don't share this cartoon with the kids...

    No worries folks, ther eis still more Porn from Japan still to come!


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