Thursday, October 02, 2008

Obama Auction: Ass

That's right folks, we're all making sacrifices here, and Marge has decided to donate her ASS!

Well, don't get to excited. By "Ass" I mean "Donkey," and by "Donkey" I mean a Democratic Party Donkey Pez dispenser!

The Pez dispenser comes dressed up in a fuzzy patriotic donkey suit. It has an attached key ring, and it packs one brick of "assorted fruit candy!"

Bid early! Bid often! Buy Marge's ass, and send Obama to the White House!

This auction closes Saturday at 11:59 PM (PST)


  1. It would make Eeyore happy if you bid on him!

  2. $3 for the candy-dispensing ass.

  3. Did I mention that it comes in a patriotic star-spangled package?

  4. Come on Helly, you know you wanna buy my ass...

  5. If I can't get Transsexual Midget porn I'll get Marge's ass.


  6. Evelyn bids $6 for marge's ass! Do I hear 7?

  7. Lucky Red7:17 AM

    I say $7.50!

  8. I'd like to thank the lounge ladies for bidding on my ass. You men don't know what you're missing

  9. We have a winner!!

    The ass auction ended last night at midnaight, and Lucky Red was the high bidder! Congratulations!

    Thanks to Marge and all of the ass-bidders for helping to send Obama to the White House


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