Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Obama Auction: Gin and Tonic

And here we go...

First up on the auction block, it is none other than the patron cocktail of the Lounge, it is my automatic order in every bar, the little ray of sunshine in my otherwise bleak existence.

Bids will now be accepted on the official G&T Lounge Gin and Tonic Kit.

One bottle of gin
One bottle of tonic
Two limes

For those of you who have never made one, it goes like this:

Fill glass 1/2 way with ice
Then fill 1/3 with gin.
Squeeze 1/4 lime into the gin
Fill with fresh tonic (not flat)
Squeeze another 1/4 lime over the tonic
Lime wedges are dropped into the beverage

Bids should be made in the comments section. "Anonymous" bidders will not be recognized, so for the purpose of the auction, please identify yourselves. Although, if you are a long-time commenter, you can bid under your Lounge name...

This auction starts right now. Bidding will end at 8:00 p.m. PST, Friday, October 3.

There will be several new items posted tomorrow night (including egregious pornography!!). Remember to check back often!

Also, this is all for a good cause, so activate those social networks of yours, and let's get busy and bid!


  1. I will open the bidding at $5.00

  2. Anonymous6:45 AM

    700 billion dollars

  3. Change it to Boodles Gin and offer to mix them up at the office and I will go $75.00

  4. Gwen Ifill9:35 AM

    I'll trade for one of my books.

    Plus, I'll make sure the Hockey Mom looks retarded tonight.

  5. Thanks Fred, you have the right idea.

    Inog, it's Bombay. You can make the sacrifice for Obama...

    I bid $12.

  6. Mrs. G&T3:03 PM


    (I think it's the only gin in the house at this point)

  7. So the G&T family is my only competition for this gin? I don't even drink gin...come on people.

  8. Oops! I mean $17!!

  9. Bring on the porn!!!!

  10. The porn is coming!

    Bid on the gin!

    I bid $18 (for my own damn gin...)

  11. $25.00 - Save me the trouble of going to the store. It is 6 am and I am thirsty.

  12. We have a winner!

    Congratulations to Fred for nabbing the Gin and tonic kit.

    $27 dollars goes into the kitty to help defeat Bush/Cheney/McCain!

    On behalf of Team Obama, thank you!


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