Sunday, October 05, 2008

Obama Auction: Saragosa

This was a very nice donation from Bill.

Bill is a photographer, but he is also a writer. Saragosa is his latest novel, and he has donated the Audio Book version on CD.

This is a fast-paced western with a hair-raising climax.

Bill has been kind enough to sign the front cover!

Read a Western and put Obama in the White House!

This auction ends Wednesday at 9:00 PM (PST)

Yee haw!


  1. Oosje8:19 AM

    O.K. This is one I can bid on. I'm interested to read (actually, listen to since we are all getting too lazy to actually READ anything!) what a Lounge reader would write. If it's a good western I can pass it on to my father-in-law. Does it have the obligatory sex in it?

    I bid $10.00

  2. No sex scene in this one, but the sequel has gotten to be pretty hot!

  3. Oosje2:28 PM

    I'll still pay $10.00 and then look forward to the sequel.

  4. I have listened to this CD (Bill is my fiance) and although there are many good parts my favorite is the cheer of "Hip Hip Hurray!"

  5. Alright! We have a winner.

    Oosje gets the book!

  6. I'll put in an additional $10 if I can borrow Oosje's copy of the CD for my 10 hour drive this weekend.

  7. Be sure and drop me a line...let me know what you think! Unless you hate it of course, then I'd rather not know!

  8. Oosje3:10 PM

    Bill: In order for all the proceeds to go for the intended purpose I told Mr. G&T to keep it for me until I visit next time, instead of mailing it to me. So...I will certailny give you a review AND it may take some time. In the meantime Mrs. G&T has it. I'm happy to share.


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