Sunday, October 05, 2008

Obama Auction: Action Figures!

OK, so this one is a little game, presented to us by Fred, designed to make sure our Republican friends are not left out of the fun. And maybe, it just might predict the outcome of the election.

Here's the deal:

There are two action figures.

You place your bid, naming your bid amount and your preferred action figure.

Top bidder wins his or her favorite candidate.

If all of the bids are for Obama and the last one is for McCain, McCain wins. High bidder takes all, but only gets their one favorite action figure.

There are no third party candidates.

This Auction Ends Wednesday at 9:00 PM (PST)


  1. I'll open the bidding at $5 - and I choose Obama, natch...

  2. just plain creepy dude...

  3. I don't understand the rules to this two party auction. Its like the electoral system - it makes no sense. If this is two separate auctions, I'll bid $10.00 for the Obama doll and $5 for the McCain doll. If one auction, I want Obama for $10.00.

  4. OK, my fault. I'll try to clarify.

    There is only one auction. Essentially, you are bidding on the right to choose between the two.

    So, if you end up the top bidder, you choose Obama. If Dick cheney is the top bidder, his pick will be McCain.

    Top bidder declares which action figure he or she wants...

    So, for instance, I'll go over the top and bid $12.50, and I want Obama.

  5. I was so sure that someone would want the McCain doll even if just for nefarious purposes. All you need is a strung-out Barbie doll and you have John and Cindy McCain. Doesn't take much else for some doll-on-doll action after that.

  6. $15.00 for Obama.

  7. $15 dollars for Obama? C'mon, you can't let Ryan steal this one!

    Your favorite action figure would look great standing on your desk!

    Open up your wallets people, We need to keep the momentum going!

    $17.50 for Obama!

  8. THAT'S what I'm talking about!

    Go Fairie Queen!

  9. tytainya, can I coome visit Obama in your office from time to time?

  10. I'll pay $25 for the McCain doll, too. Phoebe needs a new chew toy.

  11. Ryan, you can come to my office anytime.

  12. Alright! We have a winner!

    Tytainya gets her Obama Action Figure!

    Obama wins the election!

    Ryan can visit the Obama action figure on Tytainya's desk, but he must not touch...


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