Thursday, October 09, 2008

Obama Auction: Wrapping Things Up

Item One: The Calendars are still for sale. If you have not ordered one yet, then you must stop and ask yourself, "Do I hate America?"

Look, it's like this, if you do not order a calendar, then the terrorists win.

Also, if you are a sexy Lounge Lady, and you have not contributed to the Calendar project, and if you would have fun doing so, Mrs. G&T will be accepting late submissions until Friday evening.

Place your order now! You will not be disappointed. All orders should really be in by Friday at Midnight.

Item Two: Last minute Auction Item!

We have one sexy black Hello Kitty bra for sale. It does not smell like it has been worn, and it still has a tag. The tag says, in case you were wondering, 34 C. So, if you are a 34 C, or if you know someone who is, or if you hope to some day meet some one who is, then GET THIS BRA!!

Really, this is the sort of thing any man would like to see waiting for him as he walks in the door...

This is the last sale folks! ONE DAY ONLY!! The Bra sale ends Friday night at Midnight. (PST)

Item Three: If you have won one of the auctions, please get your payments to me as soon as possible. Obama is about to purchase two half hour prime-time television spots, and I would like to get our donation in this weekend or Monday at the latest.

If you need my mailing address, email me at


  1. I love the Hello Kitty bra but I'm just a poor nurse.
    Soooo, in order to help you Americans get a half decent President for a change and in keeping with the dirty Lounge etiquette, I will offer to pose in said bra for anyone that will bid for it for me...

  2. What's the starting Bid? I want the bra...It's my size!

  3. Hmmm... I suppose that could go in the calendar!

  4. If I win the Bid it will be in the calendar!! ;)

  5. Only because I love you, not that I really want to see your boob in the bra...put that won't stop me from putting the pic on myspace.

    $12 - for Lisa and her boobs.

  6. I'll up the bid to $15.00

  7. For God sakes Diva - Lisa lives with sheep - give the gal a break!


  8. Nice, a battle to the finish for the sexy bra!

    We have a winner though! Evelyn has purchased the bra to send to Lisa in the sheep-infested land of Wales.

    And now the auction is done.

    I'll tally everything up tomorrow.

  9. I So want to see Lisa in the bra covered with sheep please!! It's Sheep & Hello Kitty!


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