Thursday, October 23, 2008

Of Note

First there are two new blogs added to the link list. First, Allie has given up on the Gouda, but is now running an adviser site called "Ask Allie Anything" I'm not sure that her answers are correct, but go ahead, ask her something...

Second, Ev's beau Bill is running his own blog. The link is to the right. Stop by and check him out.

Lastly, I hope to deleiver most of the calendars tomorrow, or at least get them packaged. The print quality is not what I hoped for, but the layout is great...

That is all. Move along now.


  1. I was just wondering if Allie could tell me what this rash is...

  2. Thanks for the shout-out...I have a special Katie send you.

  3. that should read...a special Katie Holmes pic to send you.

  4. Katie Holmes5:01 PM

    Lord Xenu will be most displeased


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