Friday, August 15, 2008

The "Worst" Category Allows Me to Feign Humilty

There was a lot of crap this year. Some floated to the top, others sank to the bottom. Here are the best and worst:

Starting with the worst, I think I hit low points with:

My embarrassingly bad rendition of Beowulf.


The most horrible thing I've ever seen. It was really and truly horrible.

But really, the most offensive, insensitive an annoying post of the year has to be:

"Ding Fries are Done"

Congratulations to me for the Worst Post of the year! Wooo! I just can't get that damn song out of m head.

On the other hand, not all posts this year were complete crap. The following, I think, represents some of the best of the year:

Playboy Interview
Panty Raid
Per Capita
Fabric of our Lives
Forbidden Candle

El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles del Rio de Porciuncula, which is as good for the comments as it is for the post. Probably better...

Of course, the post that I feel is the BEST post isn't even my own handiwork. It is a video that someone else made. So, I guess I couldn't really count it as a POST. However, you should go back and watch the video again: Be Happy

Which leaves us with the best actual post of the year. It was well-written, original and useful; and all three of those add up to "Best post of the Year!"

And here it is: Father to Son

Well hurray for me! I'm just super. Stick close to me, and maybe I'll let you touch the hem of my garment. ...And with that, we come to the end of the third annual Ginny Awards. Hurray, once again, for me.


  1. Is this one of those flash back episodes where we are supposed to go back and read your mindless dribble again?

    crap, it worked.

  2. Got me too, except for Beowulf because I remembered how bad that one was.

  3. I am teaching the wife how to fly first class. It is slow going. She ordered a proper gin and tonic, but then I fell asleep, only to wake up and find her drinking a rum and coke.

    And she did not eat her radicchio salad or take her blanket.

    As for your posts, I quit reading those years ago.

  4. other8:06 AM

    I thought it was ok to regress on the 8th drink of the day. Bring Jerome here to teach what I need to learn.


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