Monday, August 25, 2008


I like the idea of revenge.

Punishing the evil doer with extreme prejudice. Exacting calculated violence. Terror. Fear. Pain.

It's a thought-provoking concept, often maligned, preached against. The little morality plays of western literature have flitted near that flame time and again, then excuse themselves with a lesson in ethics or the dangers of exuberant blood-lust.

I like it, though, and I find myself fantasizing about it from time to time. The set up, the execution, the reveal.

It takes me on tours of the darker corners in my mind. I can lose time to it. I come back to it not-infrequently.

Thing is, I'm happy. No one has wronged me seriously enough to merit revenge. At least, as far as I know. I do not hold any vendetta over anyone else. I'm not currently in the need for a revenge scheme or gang.

I guess, I just like to think about it. Watch out though, I have plans...


  1. I Hate Evelyn Club6:58 AM

    We will take you back....

  2. I guess no one should cross you anytime soon, but I suppose that's obvious beings that you're an attorney and all.

  3. Marge, lawyers are really just scared little nerds who were taunted and teased and some point in their lives. They go into law to get revenge on a daily basis.
    However, They can only inflict revenge in a monetary way and that is why most of them end up as politicians.

    I am of course talking about civil law and not criminal.

  4. I like the word vendetta.

  5. Ooh I wouldn't use that toothbrush then, big guy.

  6. I'm not scared of you :P

    men are pussies Im learning...

  7. Yes Dr. B I'm fully aware of attorneys I happen to have been working for them the last 10 years or so. Women attorneys are the worst though...bitches!

    And Lisa I couldn't have said it better myself, most men are little pusses!

  8. Wow... how the crowd turns...
    Mind you, attorneys keep the internet safe for free expression (and by that of course, we mean nude photos... but purely for "artistic expression.") And, there are those of you who have attorneys to thank for getting out of that indecent public exposure charge...

  9. You know, Mitch, I agree with the girls, most men are a bunch of pussies. Especially Dr. B.

  10. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Yes men are pussies and women are ignorant and irrational. arent gender stereotypes fun?

  11. gurl power1:19 PM

    what a pussy..

  12. michelle Obama1:41 PM

    I ain't no bitch. But, I am gonna paint Da White House purple.

    mutha fuckas!!

  13. Ah, stereotypes. Part of a well-balanced diet, here at the lounge. Except in pill form, they're the wonky shaped ones that cause major damage to the windpipe, no matter how much you drink...

  14. For me it is no about revenge. It is about duty.

  15. Nice to see you on here again Amanda.

  16. Thanks, Dr. B. I'm back on land. I think this time it's for good.


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