Friday, August 22, 2008

Feline Greetings

I never asked Dave to submit his pieces, but I generally try to post whatever tid bits folks like to send. I never asked anyone to send in Cleavage pictures, but I posted those too.

Word around the campfire is that there is a Hello Kitty clothing movement brewing.

I don't actually own any Hello Kitty clothing. If anyone sent me some, I may post my own pic...


  1. I went shopping today - no Hello Kitty undies to be found

    Though strangely enough, I could have got matching undies featuring Spongebob Squarepants

    Who knew?...

  2. We could expand the submission set for all animated characters, of any kind?

  3. Aquaman11:35 AM

    Mitch, does this mean you'll wear your Batman Underoos?

  4. hmmm... I don't know if there will be much call for me in my geranimals...

  5. Of course there is Mitch, it's about time the lounge lads showed us what they were made of because they've been total pusssies so far

  6. Yes Mitch and you other lounge lads, show us something. Only polk-a-dot boy had the balls to send in a panty pic...the girls want some eye candy too.


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