Sunday, August 10, 2008

And Now, A Word From Christina Ricci

Hello Friends.

As regular drunken ramblers here at this piss-poor excuse for a blog, I'm sure you have grown as weary and suspicious as I am about Mr. Gin & Tonic's creepy obsession with me.

It was cute at first, almost endearing, but now, it has grown to a full-fledged nightmare. Dita and Scarlett don't even come around here anymore. Yet, for some reason, I keep coming back. I would say that the Lounge causes me to vomit just a little in my mouth, but with the bulimia, it's honestly hard to tell.

Anyway, I did have something important to discuss. Mr. Gin & Tonic has asked me to remind you that the Third Annual Ginny Awards are coming up. August 13 marks the third anniversary of the beginning of this craptacular fiesta of degradation and sin, and so, it is time to mark the passing of time with an awards ceremony.

There is no voting, nor is there a committee, and Mr. Gin & Tonic alone makes the final decision. However, he is willing to listen (with slight regard) to your input. So, drop him a line. Or don't. Whatever....

The categories for the year of August 2007 to August 2008 are :

1. Best G&T Lounge Post
2. Worst G&T Lounge Post
3. Best Comment
4. Favorite Drunken Rambler
5. Most Hated Drunken Rambler

The G&T staff is hard at work coming through the crap from the last 12 months. Yes, I have pointed out to Mr. G&T that he did in fact entirely fail to conduct the second annual Ginny Awards. Unfortunately, he merely grunted with indifference, farted, and told me to go chain myself to a radiator.

Mr. G&T really is an ass hole sometimes..

Still and all, I'm hoping he chooses ME as "Favorite Drunken Rambler!"



  1. August 13. I think I will be in London then. Yeah. Pretty sure it is London as that comes between Paris and Hawaii on the calendar and I am in Paris on the 11th and Hawaii on the 17th. So than mean I must be in London then.

  2. I would like to nominate Inog's travel agent.

  3. the panty2:20 AM

    Don't forget about me. I look great on Christina, Dita and Scarlet


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