Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

Three years. Three long years.

Three years of staying up late nearly every night, trying to spin mostly-mediocre oddities into somewhat readable pulp. That's the Lounge.

It is also a radical forum for free speech. Yet, one that is subject to random and aggressive censorship clampdowns.

It's a bit of titillation on a dreary Monday morning. It is a bit of the political and a bit of the prurient. It is reason versus religion. It is an alcohol soaked stripper haven.

It is an abomination and an Obama-Nation.

And for many, it is a daily addiction.

We've witnessed traffic spikes of over 600 visitors in one day. We've survived job changes and the births of children. Regular readers have come and gone, but many still remain.

And tonight, we mark this momentous third anniversary with the third annual Ginny Awards. The five categories allow us to review and reflect on the year that has passed, and to take note of the highs and the lows.

There is, of course, too much material to cover in just one post, though, so, I will string you all along over three nights. We will start tonight with best and worst Drunken Rambler, and end with Best Post of The Year on Friday.

Let's get to it.

What makes a Best Commenter of the Year? It should be a commenter who reads the Lounge every day. It should be someone who can cut to the heart of the matter. Someone who gets the joke. Someone, whose comments other readers want to read. Someone, whose comments are compelling.

Certainly Dr. B fits this definition. Problem is, most of what he says makes him sound like a homophobic misogynistic redneck. Which, don't get me wrong, is terribly funny. It's just that he draws enough ire that he could equally be the Best or the Most-Hated at the same time. So, sorry Dr. B, not this year. Besides you got Best Comment last time.

Then there is Inog. Inog is a lovable, but fatuous, blowhard. We love his daily travel logs and self-aggrandizement, but Best Commenter of the year? I don't think so.

Of note, there is also Fred, Amanda, Mitch, Lucky Red and Ux. All of whom add their own special spices to the stew, yet due to various scheduling and access issues, are unable to participate as often as I would like.

And Familytrain? Though having commented only a few times, several people have suggested him as the Best Commenter of the year. I think, perhaps, I see potential there for next year.

No, this year, the award goes to someone who reads the Lounge religiously, every day, except ironically, she is not reading it this week. This is someone who I am proud to have as a regular reader and sniper-commenter. Her comments get to the point, and her very participation defies convention.

She gets the award for comments like this, from The Forbidden Candle:

In our over-materialistic society we buy, buy, buy thinking the object will make us happy and then don't allow ourselves to use the object.

How fucked is that!

wow... a little bit heavy for an early morning comment. I'm glad you used the soap too. I even used some of the "special hotel soap" last time I was at your house. I made sure I used the very best of what was in the drawer. Did you notice?

She will be more surprised than anyone to learn that she is the winner. This year's Ginny Award for Best Commenter goes to Oosje. Congratulations, the girl and the boy are very proud.

And finally, the second half of tonight's category is the dubious honor of Most-Hated. This is a fun award for the one commenter who was able to burrow most effectively under our collective skin, and was originally bestowed upon Princess Leah and her uterus for the first annual Ginnies. (There was, of course, no second annual...)

Sure, I considered Dr. B and Inog for this. Lisa, Ev and Marge also tend to yammer on. But really, who am I kidding???

There is only one person worthy of this honor this year, and all of the folks who emailed me were unanimous in their recommendation.

This year's Most Hated commenter earns the award with comments like:

Egad.Okay, I'm sorry if I sound like a spoilsport, but Polka Dots is fucking gross and precisely WHY I kept dissuading the men from posting pics of themselves, esp in thongs :-P


LOL-- hi Marge *waves*


The problem with this is that I'm not sure I WANT to see the other men (esp all you guys!) in their skivvies... when you post them, can you group them? Women first, then men? That way I can stop scrolling when I get to the last woman shot. Thanks.

And the award goes to the one and only Helly! Congratulations, my dear. And don't worry, I'll be making fun of myself in due course.

Also, in all fairness to the guy in the polka dot panties, (identities are still anonymous) every one other than Helly thought the submitted photos rocked!

Come back tomorrow for Best Comment of the Year!


  1. Just because I dont want some nigger queer as our president? Go#88, God bless America... woo hooo drink coors light. (fart)

  2. Apparently, Dr. B is still vying for the best comment...

  3. Rednecks9:01 AM

    Don't ever insult us like that again.

  4. yammer, yammer, yammer

  5. The voting's been rigged!!!
    Of course, this just provides inspiration for the coming year. Oh yes... it will be mine... it will be mine. You'll all see!

  6. Thanks, I'm honored. But the real thanks goes to Dr. B-- after all, I couldn't have done it without him. Honorable mention, perhaps?

  7. At least the Lounge is consistent in it's core values -- to provide Mr. G&T external validation. The choices for these awards certainly maximize that.

  8. Mitch: Are you vying for best or worst?

  9. I'll take the Silver in the worst commenter category. But I do appreciate be considered for one of the worst. I'll try harder next year to piss more people off.

    (Waves middle finger at Helly)

  10. I think Dr. B just got the silver, well at least I'm sure he pissed Helly off.

  11. Oh, and I forgot yammer, yammer, yammer on and on....

  12. BS is number 2 - BS IS NUMBER 2 - *waves flag* and dismounts with a yammer.

  13. Mrs. G&T5:17 PM

    Congrats, Oosje. It wouldn't be the same around here without you.

  14. Mrs. G&T5:17 PM

    Congrats, Oosje. It wouldn't be the same around here without you.

  15. princess leah4:49 PM

    so does this mean i'm not hated anymore? (slow pitch to mitch). what, time for me to go get knoced up again and then whine about it incessantly? actually, this last week of having not one but TWO additional rugrats in the form of mini Mr. Gin & Tonics has cured me of any and all maternal urges. super cute kids. way too fucking many of them.


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