Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We've had comments about tits. We've had comments about ass. We've had comments regarding religion, and comments from Jesus himself.

There have been comments from Taiwan. Comments from France. Comments from Satan. Comments from the hat, and comments from Britney's panties and Dick Cheney.

Inog has logged in from the very far four corners

Some have been funny. Some have not. Some have been soul-sucking internationally-demorallizingly banal. Some have been about masturbation.

Which brings up an interesting topic. Self-love. We should discuss the act of self-pleasuring auto-erotic in personam genital malfeasance far more often.

Albeit, I digress....

Wait, were was I?

Oh fuckit.

So, this year's magnificent prize for best comment goes, once again, to a sleazy little guy I've known since I first grew pubes. He's a dirty little pervert, and Jesus has revoked his license. He specializes in drilling 16year old girls with poor oral hygiene. Once again, for the third year (second, actually):

Dr. B gets the award for this charming, yet all-encompassing, composition from April, 2008, titled "Compelling." It was the low point of the year. Yet, in the short span of just a few lines, Dr. B. reduced it all to this:

I have to agree with Inog. You are a Democrat now so you can't love everyone, that would be too damn born again for you.

My only complaint about the comments is that they have lost a focal point of making you look bad. What happened to the days when you wrote a post, and then we poked fun at how stupid it was? Its not like your writing is getting any better. Maybe your readers are just getting more stupid. You make something free, and put it out there for everyone, and the idiots who have the loudest voice will rise to the top. Just look at our political system.

Brian, I think we should make the commenters more accountable for what they say. WARNING: If you are writing something just for the attention and it lacks any sort of substance, Kentucky is gonna git ya!!

Funny, but not the funniest. Really, the whole allegorical truth is right there, though. For the chronically narcissistic, any attention is good. Soft-ball adoration is fine, but really, what I want is Worship. I'll settle, however, for good natured ribbing.


  1. Alabama7:41 AM

    Mother fucker was fixed

  2. I would like to nominate the post of "El Pueblo de Nuestra..." as the best post of the year. It was thought provoking and there were some awesome comments made. By the way, I think a comment made by Family Train after that post should have won. He looks good in panties too.

  3. Dr. B and Mr. G&T are gay lovers, aren't they? I wasn't quite sure before but now I'm convinced...

  4. Intriguing. I see where you're going with this. And yet, this comment and its aftermath caused you to shut down comments less than 24 hours later.

  5. As they say here, "that's the pants"


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