Friday, August 08, 2008

The Shocking Truth

She had something to say, it seemed. I saw her approaching from far down the sidewalk.

She appeared to have been camping recently, downtown. And while she likely did not have a job, she walked briskly, as if she had somewhere to be.

She was headed right for me, walking quickly and making a peculiar humming/buzzing sound. I slowly shifted to my right to provide her a path to pass. The humming/buzzing grew louder. It was if she were warming up, revving, building to something.

She never made eye contact, but knew I was there. She timed her pace. She chose her words.

Without slowing, she passed to my left. As she did so, the noise reached a crescendo, and she bellowed with a sea captain's voice: "THE MAFIA HAS TAKEN OVER PAYLESS SHOES!!!"

And then, she was gone.


  1. I always suspected as much. I am pretty sure they took over Chuck-E-Cheese as well

  2. And so, the truth is out

  3. Sounds like a normal day in downtown Portland to me.

  4. Did she have a gallon of milk with her?


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