Monday, August 11, 2008



Ginny Weasley here. As the cutest of all the Harry Potter girls, I was asked by Mr. G&T to remind everyone about the 3rd annual...


Ginny, you vacuous slut, EVERYONE knows that Mr. G&T clearly prefers ME over YOU. I'm smarter. I'm prettier. And I have the power to turn you into a giant oozing pimple. So back off; I'll remind the folks about the upcoming Ginny Awards...

That Doesn't even make sense, you booze swilling whore! Your name isn't even "Ginny!"

MY NAME is Ginny. That's why HE asked ME. Besides, while he used to think you were kinda OK, I don't think he appreciates you humping around the Mediterranean with your boy toy, Jay Barrymore.

I mean, what the hell?? He's like 40!

Ginny, you're just a trashy little twit. So, shut up. I'm 18, and you're not.

Me? I'm the new sexy face of Coco Mademoiselle.

You? you got fat since the last movie.

So sit down and let me handle the reminder.

That's right folks, remember, Wednesday, August 13 will be the third annual Gin and Tonic Lounge Ginny Awards. Mr. G&T appreciates your input. Remember, he's looking for Best Post, Worst Post, Best Comment, Favorite Commenter, and Most-Hated Commenter. Although, we all know who that last one is going to be...



  1. the panty2:23 AM

    I am close to both Ginny and Hermoine.

  2. Wait... Most Hated Commentator? I haven't seen Princess L online for ages?! Is there a statute of limitations?!

    I am concerned, however, at the lengths to which Mr G&T will go to talk to himself...argue with himself even...

  3. London is nice. I like Paris better.

  4. If you think I am going to go back and re-read anything then look at the comments again, you are smoking crack. I won last year and didnt get a thing for it.

    I nominate Satan.

  5. Mrs. BS2:21 PM

    It's not like you're actually doing anything at the office though.


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