Thursday, July 10, 2008

Be Happy

I have no idea who Matt is. Some blurb on the internet says he's a video game developer, or something. I do know, however, that he's a freakin genius and I envy him just a bit.

So, the video is called Where the Hell is Matt.

Watch the video. It'll make you happy.

I actually recommend clicking on the Youtube link and then clicking on the "watch in high quality" link in the box below the video. It's worth it.

Oh, and in case you're interested, here is his first crack at the project...

(it also has a "high quality" option)


  1. Oosje6:58 AM

    Thank you. That was a great way to start my day.

    Maybe you and the Ginlets could travel all over dancing! The girl would be really good at this.

  2. auntie bsu8:41 AM

    Great. Just great!

  3. I have decided to dance this little jig upon entering the operatory with every patient I see today.

  4. Very affirming stuff.

  5. Very fun! Thanks for the good laugh this morning.

    And Dr. B, I think you should record your little jig and post it here for all of us to see.

  6. I shall do some jigs on my "not as exotic as his" travels next week

  7. If only he could have convinced the guard at the DMZ, Korea to dance with him. That would have been hilarious. Nonetheless, good stuff.

  8. Korean Guard12:46 PM

    They shoot us for dancing

  9. We should totally do something like that!!!

  10. Next lounge challenge maybe?

  11. It did make me happy

  12. Hmmm... it's a good idea. I like it, but I don't think everyone has video capability...

  13. I am a hate-filled, cynical motherfucker and I actually got a little teary-eyed watching that. Fuck you.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Lucky Red8:51 PM

    Like you don't need the money
    Like you've never been hurt,
    Like no one's watching.

    We appreicate the dance,
    Mr. G & T. Bravo.

  16. My first thought is: "Ha ha, I made Familytrain cry, that pussy!"

    But really, he's right. I also get a little teary. But why?? It's just a guy dancing funny.

    Following Red's point, he's dancing like no one is watching. Yet there ARE people watching. Millions of them, and hordes more want to dance with him. He's doing a good thing and making others want to do good things too.

    Fred's comment is close. I think someday, Matt will get the guard to dance. However, it won't be hillarious. It'll be awesome.

    OK, enough sap. Get back to your drunkin ramblings.

  17. Like I need to say who I am...5:49 AM

    I was just thinking: I could probably knock out France, England, Jakarta, Vietnam, Philippines, Hawaii, Los Angeles, and San Francisco in the next two months.

  18. Then dance, motherfucker, dance!

  19. peanut gallery11:55 PM

    What Fred said, Fat White Man


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