Sunday, July 20, 2008

Worth a Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Since I have no words in me tonight, here are several thousand words worth of pictures from the weekend...

Oh ya, I should throw in a couple of the kids too I suppose...


  1. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Some of these photos are really great and some I just don't understand. I'm just not one to find the artistic value of the top of an umbrella or a life guard chair but thanks for sharing anyways

  2. kilt lover6:37 AM

    thanks kilt pics. never enough men in kilts.

  3. Lucky Red8:16 AM

    Not that I don't enjoy your Gin-induced rambelings- but my fav are the photo expos and this is the best so far...I even like the umbrella...and I want a copy of the water fountain and the NO shot...dig it

  4. Lucky Red8:19 AM

    Oh crap! your kids are rockin' cute too...i meant to say that but i felt it just a no-brainer...ok now i'm just sucking up

  5. Oosje8:20 AM

    OOOOOOOHH....the "yellow towel" picture. What is she thinking??? That is definitely a "LOOK!" she is giving someone or something. That's a great swimming pool too.

  6. Summer here is better than anywhere else and I just got back from Hawaii.

  7. Kids and water, they just go together don't they? Watch out for brown floating objects, those arent chocolate boats.

  8. No pictures of Mr. G&T in his kilt? Come on, we share pictures with you all the time...and I agree with Lucky Red...the kiddos are adorable and that yellow towel photo...she's definitely thinking something there...if only we could read their minds!

  9. Love the girl's look in the yellow towel, she's going to be trouble when she's older..
    Love the boy's icecream? covered face

    Like the waterpot pic too, it's kinda dirty

  10. I like the umbrella.

  11. the umbrella3:05 PM

    And I like you.


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