Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Voyeurweb Dot Com

I think this is how Igor got started over at

One day, folks come to understand that your little wayside stop along the information superhighway is a logical and productive outlet for their exhibitionist urges. Sudenly, this sort of thing starts to happen.

Now I know what it must have been like to be Spencer Tunick.

Admittedly, there are no rules, since there is no contest, but still, good lord, would you two just get a room..


  1. The lounge ladies rock.

  2. We do rock! Boobs are fun for all...Lucky Red, you're not playing?

  3. Oosje7:58 AM

    I'm truly impressed that ALL the Lounge Ladies seem to have large breasts! I've enjoyed the views and am impressed. Like Marge said..."Boobs are fun for all". The "No-Contest" seems to have been very popular.

    A special congrats to the one Lounge Man who bared his chest for the No-Contest.

  4. is full of overweight middle aged women. The lounge ladies can kick their butts any day of the week.

    There are several other sites that have more appealing things like toaster ovens and spatulas.

  5. Dr. B you're being awfully nice this morning...are you sure that's you?

  6. I'm just so happy that Obama is over there solving all of the problems in the middle east. He's like Jesus' brother from another mother.

    Oh yeah and boobs make me incredibly happy.

  7. Amanda Seyfried10:30 AM

    I have a crush on you Dentist.

  8. I'd say that's an awfully good start.

    Though, Igor does have a long list of exhibitionist, potentially alcohol sodden posters who provide page after page

    Wow, the parallels are overwhelming...Clearly, Brian, there is hope for the Lounge after all.

  9. I have a new purpose in life...

  10. observer9:35 PM

    These girls are dirty. I like the massive coyote ugle boobs. Nice. The groping girls should do more porn and post it here.

    The kissing people are gross. Yuck.

  11. grandma's boobs11:12 AM

    You call this cleavage? The lounge ladies sure have some ugly boobs.

  12. cleavage fan11:35 AM

    self loath much?


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