Sunday, July 27, 2008

***Critical Rules Update***

Dave has graciously reminded me that he, in fact, has a clearly stated rule. A rule that I have taken to heart and follow zealously.

Dave's rule is: "No, that stripper didn't really like you."

A review of my own personal rules, which incorporate Dave's above-stated rule, can be reviewed by clicking HERE.


  1. No. 12, I must agree, wear a damn undershirt. Once this guy applied for a job as my assistant. I didn't hire him because his nipples were dark and puffy. Bleck! Not being able to pay attention to such details tells me he will not pay attention to whether or not whole is spelled W-H-O-L-E or H-O-L-E.

    If anyone needs help learning how to shoot, disassemble, clean and reassemble a fire arm, I am willing to put together a CLE.

    We also need to have a poker tournament sometime. Maybe proceeds should go to CEJ.

  2. Um, is that really you or is that Inog? It sounds a lot like Inog.

    I'm in for the poker tournament. I can bring two other lawyers, maybe more.


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