Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Nothing of historical note occurred in the year 922.

No battles. No major births. No martyrs. No discoveries.

Nothing at all.

How can that be, though?? How can an entire year pass on Earth without one single notable historical event?

It was the Buddhist year: 1466

It was the Islamic year: 310

Yet, not a goddamn thing happened. Nothing. You might think, with all these folks sitting around doing nothing for a year, someone might have realised it was a good time to do SOMETHING, and taken the opportunity to conquer something, or invent something.

But no. Nothing took place. It was a global siesta. Leaving me with this, nothing notable to talk about. With the one exception that this post is post #922. The same number as the year when nothing happened. So, there is no clever tie-in. No historical anecdote.

Still and all, though, 922 posts... Holy hell. That's a lot of posts.


  1. 922 posts. You average about 90 min. per post. You spend at least 30 min per post checking comments and making your own comments. That is 110640 min on this venture.

    If you had worked that time, it would be the equivalent of 46 weeks at 40 hours per week. A whole freaking year. If you had actually billed that time at a reasonable rate it would be over $500,000.00. That would be college for both of the yard monkeys and cover you and the wife’s outstanding student loans and you would have enough left over to get that vasectomy we all wish you had gotten in law school.


    Oh and I figure if you add in the bullshit time other people spend reading and commenting, together with your own life flushing waste of effort, you have probably cost our economy over $1,200,000.00 in lost growth.

    No wonder the Chinese own our ass.

  2. Anonymous8:02 AM

    922 posts...with the same lack of depth as the one commemorateing it.

  3. Lucky Red8:02 AM

    I concur with Mr. Inog.
    Mr. G/T: you will receive an invoice for my lost billables in the mail shortly.
    Baby needs to go back to France and it appears your the reason I couldn't afford it this year.

  4. Boy you walked into these Buddy.

    922 postings and 3 good ones. Reminds me of the Deja Vu slogan.

    And thanks Carl, now I wish I had all that productive time back.
    Half a million huh, maybe the gov should regulate lawyers fees.

  5. concerned supporter8:55 AM

    Speaking of lost wages...

    State employees are going to have to take an 80% pay cut until Arnold and the wack jobs in Sacramento can get the budget figured out.

    Just in case you were wondering...

  6. How can you say that there's nothing notable to post, when you have the ongoing lewd submission non-contest in full swing!?

    Its painful though, when you start doing the lost-volume comparison.
    I mean, what would happen if you took the number of hours DRINKING, times a reasonable billing rate, etc...

    It gets scary, that's all I'm sayin'...

  7. I am usually billing when I am drinking. No loss there.

  8. Wow, when you think about it like that we've all wasted a good portion of our lives with this, but are we gonna stop? Probably not....

  9. And after 922 posts, the Lounge has had 76,494 individual visits with 142,472 page views.

    Of course, most of those were people looking for pictures of Dita's ass...

  10. I think the readers protest too much. A lot of complaints about lost time and yet quite a few comments this morning.

  11. Thats great Inog. I wish I could do that.

    Individual visits to look at our own comments. I wonder how many were 75%

  12. lawyers are smarter than dentists9:04 AM

    Since Inog doesn't bill in the US, government regulation wouldn't stop him. And, if it did, he'd just get paid in cash.

  13. Inog’s Accountant10:13 AM

    Off shore accounts kick ass.


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