Monday, July 07, 2008

The Latest Best Reason to Have Cable

He's not exactly Indiana Jones.

You won't see a bull whip in his hand. Yes, you may see a bull penis, but no whip. And more likely than not, he'll be eating the bull penis, along with monkey brains, poisonous fish and fermented shrimp paste.

No, I'm not talking about Inog.

His name is Andrew Zimmern, and he is the host of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel. Part food critic, part tour guide, part crypto-zoologist; Andrew travels the world with his trusty camera crew and explores the gastronomical delicacies of far-off places.

Some of the items he eats look fantastic and make me hungry. Said hunger, however, is quickly dowsed by the remaining filth he shoves down his gullet. There isn't much he won't try (tap water in India for one) and he gives every dish its due. If it has good points, he'll spell them out. If it has only bad points, he can be less-than-diplomatic, if not descriptive.

The show is colorful, charming and fascinating. I find that I can watch it all day, which is what I almost did this weekend. It appears to be the only Travel Channel show with ratings, so it is always on. I think there may have been a marathon this weekend, or something. In any case, I found myself transfixed for hours with exotic street food from Malaysia, a one-man feast in Morocco, an edible sheep's head in India and serious sushi in Japan.

The show is worth a watch and gains the Gin and Tonic Lounge thumbs-up of approval. Check it out! You'll be glad you did.

(No, sadly, these girls are not on the show...)


  1. Oosje7:54 AM

    I agree! Andrew Zimmern is very entertaining. I am totally grossed out by most (ok...ALL) of what he eats, and I love to watch him eat it. He does so with much gusto.

    Last night it was "aged atlantic shark"! Aged, hanging outside in a shed, complete with swarming flies, for months, then he moved on to grilled Puffin. That looked much more digestable.

    He's very fun.

  2. Ok, so I have been away for a few days. What the hell were those pictures of a field from a few days ago? I take it a soccer game?
    Oh and you dont like Mexicans? Awww, did some brown people invade your white suburban little utopia?

    You pussy. Give it 10 years...all you Oregonians will be sucking Burritos...And not the Del taco gringo kind either.

  3. I love that show, though I do admit that most of it grosses me out. I would not be a good world traveler.

    B.S.--we've already got tons of Mexicans up here, why do you think everywhere we go there are signs in Spanish and even the Max Train has instructions to you in Spanish, restaurants have Spanish speaking workers, and not just Taco Bell either....they've already invaded Oregon....

  4. Although I have to admit, Juan does a great job on the shrubs by the pool.

    And yes, that show is killer.

  5. I pee in pool every thursday.

  6. The brunette looks like Rachel Ray if you squint real hard.

  7. I totally agree on the Zimmern show. I've been watching it for a while now.
    He's certainly diplomatic when he hits something that even HE doesn't like (which is a pretty scary prospect).

    Good stuff for a weekend on the couch.

  8. I have eaten most of what he tries on the show. Though he pusses out on some of the stuff.

    Stinky tofu kicks ass.

    Balut is not that bad either, just looks nasty.

  9. Burn Notice starts this week - I can't wait! My reason to love 0Cable.

    Bruce Campbell I love you!!!


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