Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Knowing Which Way the Wind Blows

This is not a post about political philosophy.

It is not a post about partisan opinion.

It is, however, a post about political expedience.

What to do when you are an incumbent moderate Republican Senator up for re-election in a politically schizophrenic state that seems to be currently tilting to the left? A moderate Republican Mormon Senator no less...

What to do when you are that same Senator in a state with pragmatically anti-crime Democrats and conservation-minded Republicans? What to do when you initially supported your party's war, but then turned against it? What to do when you turned against your own dim-witted president, your church and your own party to support stem cell research?

What to do when you are facing a close re-election contest against a formidable Democratic challenger, and the state is likely to turn out heavy for Barack Obama?

Why, you purchase local air time during the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and run this ad, of course:

Now, I'm not sure, at this point how I'm casting my Senatorial vote this year. However, from a purely objective Poli Sci point of view, this ad is brilliant! So clever, that it has made the hot topic discussion list on CNN. Even Mr. Obama has had to release a statement clarifying that he likes and respects Mr. Smith, and has enjoyed working with him, but his campaign still officially endorses Smith's Democratic opponent.

Sadly, I think that may have been a missed opportunity for Obama to display valuable bi-partisan flair, but then, I'm not running his campaign. Perhaps he should think about hiring the guy who is working for Smith.


  1. Lucky Red6:06 AM

    Since the running of this ad, if you look up the word "turncoat", the dictonary has a photo of Smith's face next to it...

    And it has to be said...Jon Stewart is smart, funny and down-right hot...and i had his love child...

  2. Romney10:58 AM

    It's too bad Obama still can't get to the highest level of heaven.

  3. Too bad they can't be bi-partisan instead of bi-polar.

    It doesn't surprise me at all. Both candidates are acting very typical along party lines right now. McCain thinks he can get rid of the deficit by giving out tax breaks. He's pro-amnesty and didn't stop the illegals in Arizona. But now he wants to secure the border...Whatever old fucker. Obama wants all these new programs paid for by who? Oh thats right, ending the war. Yeah, we'll see about that one. Instead, let's tax our way out of a recession.

    Lets do a death match. Winner takes all.

  4. Couldn't have said it better myself Dr. B.

  5. John McCain2:23 PM

    I actually plan to tout my close ties to Obama as well...

  6. Obama3:28 PM

    I have close ties to myself... usually in the shower.

  7. Elohim5:27 PM

    Actually Romney, Obama can get halfway into the highest level of Heaven.

  8. Jesus Christ10:47 PM

    If I come back, I'm running for President, but I guarantee, the Republicans will not be happy.

  9. Satan1:54 PM

    I might as well run against you then. The Democrats won't vote for someone they don't think exists.

    I wonder if Cheney will give it another go for VP.


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