Thursday, March 30, 2006

Checking In

I love Bill Gates.
I love Microsoft.
I love how after years of fidgeting, all of that Microsoft stuff finally works together.

I browse with Internet Explorer. When I'm fiddling with the Lounge, I'm checking my work through the looking glass of IE.

Recently, a friend and regular reader said, "Hey Brian, I use Firefox, and your blog looks like a completely garbled pile of shit. You should use Firefox too!"

That was an odd endorsement for Firefox, but my curiosity was stirred. So, I tried it, and guess what! My blog looked like a completely garbled pile of shit. But, not only did MY blog look wonkey, almost every familiar page that I looked at was out of whack. It was like Firefox users were deliberately giving themselves Dyslexia.

Personally, I like Internet Explorer because, well, it works.

However, dear readers, your relative happiness is marginally ranked on my list of personal priorities. So, if many of you are using alternate browsers, and you're having difficulty viewing these scrolling columns of wit, irreverence and inspiration, then I need to know. I'm not sure what I can do to improve your miserable lot, but I'm sure there must be something.

So, please share what browser your using. Also, let me know if you're having technical difficulties. Mostly, I just want to laugh at your pathetic incompetence, but still, I should know.


  1. a friend and regular reader7:19 AM

    Unfortunately, IE can't improve the writing.

  2. an HTML geek7:27 AM

    Actually, all the browsers "well, work." It is just your HTML skills that blow. Don't worry, its fixable.

  3. brian smith7:59 AM

    How can your readers be concerned with browsers when all my immigrant peeps are being dissed down here in So.Cal. I think we should stage a walk out of this blog

  4. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Happy Cesar Chavez day, grapes anyone?

  5. What's wrong Brian, did your gardner take the day off?

  6. Heh, I meant to comment on the fact that your layout looks funky on Firefox.

    You know, your old layout (the one with the olive green color that you couldn't discern and asked us what it was) actually looked fine on both Firefox and IE-- maybe you should revert to it :-)

  7. Anonymous10:31 AM

    The only difference I've noticed on how the blog looks on Firefox compared to IE is the placement of the text frame over on the left instead of centered.

  8. Brian Smith10:52 AM

    Firefox was a bad movie with Clint Eastwood and I live in the "IE".
    You people arent making any sense.

  9. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Good thing dentistry doesn't require any technical skills.

  10. Microsoft for everything. I am one with the masses.

    I'd drink Microsoft Gin and use Mircrsoft condoms if they made them, and if I used condoms that is.

  11. Anonymous1:46 PM

    so... I'm not incompetent and I can find you just fine. The question is- do I want to! That horrible 1950's wallpaper background is gross. I know you're colorblind but does that mean we all have to look at boring blues, greens and greys?

  12. Boring?? It's SPACEAGE!!

    OK, color styles aside, the formatting for the Firefox folks should be fixed now. Yes? no?

  13. pathetic incompetence is Microsoft's middle name. Don't be that guy Brian, use firefox.

  14. amanda10:12 PM

    In Oregon I use Firefox and IE interchangeably. While on vacation, I've been using IE exclusively and the blog looks like ass. It's only loading the odd tiki wall paper in strips. That could just be the instant Mormon filter on all computers in this part of the country. Brian, for the love of all things unholy, pick a blog theme and move on. Don't mess with the package, work on the content.

  15. I seem to have ot working well on IE and Firefox now. I can't fathom what is goning on in your weir mormom-linked machine. Anyone else having problems now?

  16. amanda is right about the background loading in strips. The very first theme you had, the blogger standard, with the 50's-ish dots on the white background. Felt very "lounge-ish" as well. That was best. It has struggled since.

    Perhaps it is only natural for a blogger to mess with format when the content muse is sleeping with another blogger (or so it would seem).

  17. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Whoa! There is some blogger sex going on here that no one has mentioned before?


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