Saturday, April 01, 2006

For There are Brighter Sides to Life and I Should Know Because I've Seen Them

Fifth try.

The evening's events don't seem to make for appropriate blog fodder, nor do Scotch-hazed nostalgic yarns of childhood spelunking. The Scotch is good.

Sure, there was dinner. Damn fine dinner, with good company, and abundant wine. And now, now there is scotch. Not great scotch. Just mediocre. Single malt, to be sure, but nothing special, and there is the darkness cut by the blue hue of the monitor, flickering in my face.

The popular rumor these days is that the errant members of The Smiths turned down five Million in hard US currency to reunite. Maybe it's true, who knows? In honor of this tragic tabloid headline, though, the Good folks at First Wave, Sirius 22, have programmed and are broadcasting an all-Smiths/Morrissey weekend. It almost makes me feel guilty, it's so good...

So here I sit, glazed over by Glenlivet, mulling over morose lyrics, and trying to plunk out words with my bratwurst fingers. A cigar is very probably in my immediate future.


  1. I don't really have anything to say here, I just hate to see a perfectly good Smiths blog go by without acknowledgement.........

  2. Thanks Tom, me too.

  3. I tried to comment but kept getting flashback memories and lost track
    I loved the 80s


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