Thursday, April 20, 2006

Good God, the Birthdays... (4/20)

Birthdays past:

Happy belated birthday to Josh. We were supposed to play poker. It never happened. I owe you a drink.

Actually born today:

Benjamin Lawrence. 5 pounds, something ounces. Mother and boy are doing well. I don't think Benjamin's dad actually reads the blog, but who knows...


The monkey is 16 months old today.

(Holy christ, my dog just let out the biggest belch... Smelled like dog food.)

Birthdays past:

Hitler was born this day in 1889

My ex-girlfriend, April, was born this day in... 1973? 1974? She wasn't a bad person, but every time I hear about Hitler's birthday it reminds me of her...

Birthdays future:

Happy birthday to Lisa from Wales. Her birthday is 4/21. I'm writing this on 4/20, but it is already 4/21 where she lives. Damn international date line... Of course by the time y'all read this it'll be 4/21 here in the Pacific Time Zone, and nearly 4/22 in the UK. Well, happy birthday nonetheless...

Miscellaneous holidays:

Happy 4/20 to my, uh, more herb-minded friends. Thanks to Anonymous for her kind donation.
That is all...


  1. Happy 4/20. : ) Hooray for kief!

  2. Brian Smith7:57 AM

    My Dental assitant Renee was born on this day. Hooray for boobies

  3. How come it's my birthday and you get the herbs?

    Thanks for my lounge mention - I am truly honoured....Hooray for me

  4. Hooray for all of us, really...

  5. Your monkey was born on the 20th of a month? So was my monkey :-) He turned 23 months yesterday. How time flies!

  6. My 35th birthday was Monday April 17th.

  7. Shit - I forgot to do the 4/20 post I had planned!

    Happy birthday to everyone, it seems.

  8. Brian was too polite to mention my age Ryan, but I was the same age as you yesterday but alas not today

  9. oops! happy birthday to Ryan!!

  10. What about Earth day? Doesn't anyone care about this planet anymore? To celebrate, I made love to a woodchuck.


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