Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Research is fun. Here are some interesting numbers:

92% of all bikinis are "thong cut."

4 out of 5 bikinis never touch the water.

Bikinis are illegal in 27 countries.

Residents of Southern California use 45% more hand lotion than other Americans.

Nationally, 37% of all hand-lotion consumption is for sexual, or sexually-related purposes.

Women are 29% less likely to get pregnant following the consumption of at least 24 ounces of beer within three hours of intercourse. Conception is 34% less likely following a bottle of wine, and a whopping 45% less likely following two shots of tequila.

One pound of hamburger, on average, contains approximately 3 grams of bull semen.

The average Scottish penis is .75 centimeters longer than the average English penis, and 1.2 cm longer than the average French phallus.

42% of Americans believe that President Bush is smarter than they are.

3 out of every 5 American women regularly wear thong underwear.

Here is an odd one. Married women in the US and Canada report having sex with their spouse 3 times per week. In the same survey, the men reported having sex with their spouse once per week.

74% of adults in the state of Oregon report taking a shower at least once per day.
In California, only 69% report a daily shower.
Pennsylvania was the lowest with 57% daily showers.
Unbelievably, Arkansas leads the hygiene brigade with 81% daily showers.

Brunette women, on average, are 2.3% smarter than redheads, and 3.7% smarter than Blondes.

However, Blondes are 100% more likely to have fun! (OK, I made that one up...)

Pedophiles are 17% more likely to be cat owners than dog owners (not sure how that is calculated...)

Families who attend church at least once per week are:

82% more likely to contract head lice
75% less likely to send a child to college
63% more likely to lose their home to a tornado
55% more likely to sell Amway
41% more likely to have at least two obese family members
22% more likely to to eat at Arby's

In Oregon, the Top Five exotic-dancer pseudonyms are:

and finally...

In a survey of over 11,000 heterosexual men, of the four standard American bra sizes, they prefer:

A: 4%
B: 1.5%
C: 3%
D: 89%

(That leaves 2.5% undecided. I suspect these guys were confused about why "DD" wasn't on the list...)


  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    What is the cup size of the bra in the photo?

  2. I'm never eating hamburger again X-P

    What? No stats on Welsh penises? :-D

  3. You mean that Crystal might not really be her name? But I thought we had something together?! How could she lie to me.....

  4. I could tell you about Welsh penises.....

  5. Mitch Crystal may not be her real name, but she didn't really like you anyway...

    ...and there were no statistics on Welsh penises, I suppose because Tom Jones skews the scale

  6. Mitch, let me be the first to say.... No. That stripper didn't really like you.

    Thank you. Buy the shirt.

  7. Brian smith7:55 AM

    I'm very upset by the lack of mention of the g-string. It is very close to my heart

  8. I think G string comes under the thong umberella

    and a tip - if the G string is close to your heart, you're wearing it wrong....

  9. Thong umbrella? Rainy days have never ben so sexy...


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