Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Guest Blog by Mrs. G & T: A Public Service Announcement

Hello faithful readers, this is Mrs. Gin and Tonic with a helpful retail tip for your family. Aquafresh Extreme Clean Original Experience Plus Whitening tastes like cherry cough drops. Do not be fooled by the price of the Costco sized version unless you think that's how toothpaste should taste. You've been warned.


  1. Brian smith7:58 AM

    Toothpaste huh? Whats that?

    Helpful Dentist tip of the day:
    Brush your tongue, it holds more bacteria then you think.

    Brian, this means you!! When your tongue turns black and appears to have fur on it, thats not good.

    Remember to floss too.

  2. floss my tongue??

  3. Brian smith10:13 AM

    smart ass

  4. Floss your ass??

    Here comes the thong pic.

  5. Brian smith1:49 PM

    I'm sure he still has the one of Mark in speedos...

  6. amanda1:49 PM

    I tried that Emeril lemon burst toothpaste last fall. It was absolutely horrifyingly bad. It was like intense faux lemon-flavored cleaning fluid in sludge form. Why can't companies recognize that mint is a tried and true formula that works. Toothpaste shouldn't be a surprise. And it certainly shouldn't taste like Clorets.

  7. why not beer flavor??

    or gin!

  8. or stripper! Well... some strippers do like cherry cough drops.

  9. Stripper (Cherry Vanila) favored tooth paste?

    The flavors available at:


    0 Mouth Gel
    1 Sweet Salt
    2 Tropical Pineapple
    3 Peppermint
    4 Fresh Yogurt
    5 Green Tea
    6 Rose
    7 Monkey Banana
    8 Honey
    9 Kiwi Fruit
    10 Cafe au Lait
    11 Plum
    12 Fuji Apple
    13 Vanilla
    14 Indian Curry
    15 Strawberry 16 California Orange
    17 Kyoto Style Tea
    18 White Peach
    19 Japanese Plum
    20 Lavender
    21 Darjeeling Tea
    22 Cinnamon
    23 Grape
    24 Lemon Tea
    25 Bitter Chocolate
    26 Blueberry
    27 Caramel
    28 L’Espresso
    29 Grapefruit
    30 Pumpkin Pudding
    31 Cola

  10. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Someone needs to explain what "mouth gel" flavor is. Is that the goopy stuff you find in the corner of your mouth when you fell asleep with your mouth open?

  11. Brian smith10:04 AM

    Personally the monkey banana flavor scares me... The flavor of toothpaste is not really important as long as it contains flouride. All that baking soda whitening bullshit is just a scam. Like most other things in Dentistry. When we check your teeth with the small pointy explorer, we are placing small bits of magic dust in between your teeth to cause them to decay. But dont tell anyone I said this ok.

  12. Mrs. G&T2:19 PM

    Stripper... that's what it tastes like. Cherry with a little bit of antiseptic.

  13. Anonymous5:21 PM

    I feel like the only one around here who hasn't tasted a stripper.


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