Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Job Description

I once wished that I could have a desk job.

I now have a desk job and all I want is to be photographer, Spencer Tunick:

Or, at least, I want his job. I mean, I like naked people...

And I'm handy with a camera...

So, why couldn't I make a career out of this?

Did you know that all of the models are volunteers? Some try out and get rejected.

The only thing these people get are signed copies of the photo, and some really odd new friends

The Artist, Of course, pockets the cash.
Seriously, this should be my job...


  1. Brrr! You couldn't pay me enough to lie buck naked on a cold street, or worse yet, dirty forest ground. Ick. It's quite amusing to see what passes for "art" these days :-P

  2. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Nudity will always be "art" in order to get women naked.

  3. a naked guy7:06 PM

    Hey! That's me! Third to the right in the fourth row lying naked on the ground!

  4. amanda7:33 PM

    As an art student, one could argue that the photograph itself is in the most closed-minded of terms, the art. However, this particular project forces the viewer to question public vs. private. These are often well-known public places, and the artist is confronting public mores by juxtaposing nude masses within them. He uses the traditional image of the human nude figure as his media. It breaks beyond "pornography" because the poses aren't meant to be sexually provocative. Be amused, because others will be intrigued. Of course, Brian will be titillated.



  6. Anonymous1:34 AM

    OH !


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