Saturday, February 11, 2006

Welcome Cousin Ella

This will confuse some people.

While Tom and Mrs. Tom have settled on "Ella" for their own future bundle of joy, Mrs. Gin-&-Tonic's sister has just delivered a healthy baby girl, also named Ella, cousin of the Monkey. Welcome Ella!

Now, care need be taken to distinguish the dueling Ellas from Leah's pending spawn, Eloise (Or something like that...).

Jesus Christ, doesn't anyone have boys anymore? Oh right, the other Brian. Hey Brian, way to shoot a Y, buddy!!


  1. Did noone tell ya?

    Girls are taking over the world
    Girls Rule!

  2. I was wondering why so many people were parking like shit these days.

  3. What you mean you park yourself in LA?

    Thought it was all valet parking....

  4. Lily. My offspring will be named Lily. NOT Ella. See how different they are? Heh.

    Ok, and am I the only one who's first thought of cousin Ella's birth was "Eeewwww....creepy uncle Brian!" ?!?! Shudder.

  5. Actually I think any baby girl born in my 8 degree of seperation should have an "E" name - Ethel, Elvia, Elynour, Edith, Evy, Elvira, Eva, Easter, Esther, Eloise, Elizabeth, Elisa,Elkie, Ely, Eda, Elsie, Erin, Ellen, Elena, and of course Evelyn ......but that's just me.


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