Wednesday, February 22, 2006

By Request, Sort Of...

It really wasn't as challenging to find as I expected.

Here's Paris at Ipanema:


  1. You have had a lot of practice. I recall in Law School, several people in the labs, we would select targets. The race was who could first find the picture that matched the given description.

    Brian usually won.

    I recall:

    Amputees having sex.

    Monkeys having sex.

    Spiders having sex.

    There seemed to be a theme.

    Brian always found the picture first. And this was way “back in the day” before we had the modern search engines. Altavista was just coming on line then. If there is a photo of a sexual nature online, Brian is your “go to” man.

    Still is I am sure.

  2. I once came accross a website for the Bangkok Vampire Cult. The internet was never the same for me after that.

  3. I took that site down.

    I think I replaced it with something about "pink."

  4. Carl,
    You've made me all teary-eyed for those days of law school: When "Pine" was good enough for email (ask Brian about his liberal use of the "/finger" command; the seemingly endless resources of porn.. and playing Duke Nukem so long that you got motion sick !

    ... I suppose some people also did legal research there -but I believe that to be quite overrated.

  5. I don't see how that is different from what I do now.

  6. how about pirates having sex?

  7. Brian Smith8:36 AM

    How about a Dentist having sex with his hygienist. Oh wait, Ive seen that one

  8. those are nice, but check this out

  9. Things yo might here in Margus' little family film:

    "Avast ye matie, arrgghh, prepare to be boarded..."

    "Fire a warning shot across her poop deck!"

    "Take her by the stern and pilage her booty..."


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