Tuesday, February 21, 2006

As Long As It's Stuck in Everyone's Head

This is Ipanema:

These are actual girls from Ipanema

You can listen to the actual tune HERE

And of course, here is my personal version of the song:

Thin and blonde and orange and bitchy
The girl named Paris Hilton's twitchy
And when she flashes, each one she flashes goes: eh....

When she talks, she sounds so vapid
With catch phrases and winks so rapid
And when she's screwing, each one she's screwing's on tape...

Ooh... but I watch her on TV
How... can I change the channel?
She's... hotter than Nicole Richie

But each day, when she looks in the mirror
She knows that no one will love her

Thin and blonde and orange and whorish
I know Paris Hilton would find me boorish
And when she fucks up, I smile - but she doesn't care (doesn't care)
She just doesn't care
She never will care...


  1. While I appreciate the travelogue, I am concerned about you penning odes to Paris Hilton.

    Now, links to the famous video, on the other hand, are just fine.

  2. Can you please post more of the beach, please? Don't ask questions, just comply.

  3. If I could just find pictures of Paris Hilton on the Beach at Ipanema... hmmm...

  4. Brian Smith2:27 PM

    I think Nicole is much better looking than Paris. But I'd take a pic of either one of them on the beach. I'm easy like that.

  5. no, Brian, you're just easy.

  6. Like Sunday morning.

  7. Look Brian, like I said, she is..

    and I'm still surprised noone commented on it, perverted sods that your readers are.

  8. oh my god, your right, she is!

  9. Told ya!!

    I miss nothing...


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