Sunday, February 19, 2006


So, we went shopping for new dinner plates today. This is the current leader:


  1. Kids -> shatter resistant and light weight -> Corelle Corningware

    Go classic white, easy to replace pieces. When they are 10+ buy something with style.

    Why light weight? Hand your kid a plate and see what happens.

  2. amanda1:19 PM

    In theory I like the cup. But in reality, it's going to be dated in an instant. That dainty handle isn't going to work with your less than delicate grasp either.

  3. We are raising the Monkey to be feral. She may never actually use a plate or silverware...

  4. Like Father, like daughter...

  5. All of these fields are optional7:53 AM

    The cups ought stack well in the cupboard (the dishes will too, of course, but that was a given).

  6. Well - please - Like Brian is drinking "coffee" anyway. Its not like he's showing us the new scotch glass collection they're buying. ("scotch glass" being a euphemism for any liquid bearing vessel within arm's length for him).

  7. I'm really in the market for a "Scotch Hose"

  8. Funny, that's what Erin said. Didn't elaborate.

    (Waiting for the punch on the jaw for that one.)


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